15 motherboard interview questions and answers


Motherboard interview questions and answers

1. List out the areas where there has been improvements in the PC design area? - Motherboard
2.Explain the POST beep codes of the an IBM system. - Motherboard
3.What do you understand by POST explain? - Motherboard
4.What are the primary functions of the motherboard and list out their various form factors?
5.List out some of the on-board supported features of modern motherboards.
6.What does the common modern motherboard contain?
7.State the characteristics of Logical address and physical address. - Motherboard
8.State the differences between uniprogramming and multi programming - Motherboard
9.Multiple LSI's are used in computers list out some of their special purposes - Motherboard
10.State the characteristics of hardwired and micro programmed control units - Motherboard
11.How can a PCI / Daughterboard be replaced in a motherboard?
12.How can a virus be detected in a system? - Motherboard
13.List out the common general precautions given in reference to a PC - Motherboard
14.Explain the process of DOS being controlled - Motherboard
15.What are the steps involved for the removal of the motherboard from a computer?

1. What is PCB and its advantages?
2. What is the function of a motherboard?
3. Explain the structure of a generic motherboard?
4. What are the important components of a motherboard?
5. What is the Northbridge?
6. What is the Southbridge?
7. What are the differences between the northbridge and southbridge?
8. What is the PCI slot in a motherboard used for?
9. What is the purpose of the CMOS battery?
10. What is the overclocking feature present on some motherboards?
11. Why does a motherboard have a speaker?
12. How many processors can be installed on a motherboard?
13. What are the differences between a desktop motherboard and a server motherboard?
14. What are the different form factors of a motherboard?
15. State the difference between the main processor and the co-processor?
16. Name any two major motherboard manufacturers?
17. What is the slot used by graphic cards?
18. What is the difference between AGP and PCI slots?
19. What is a chipset in reference to motherboards?
20. How many pins does a motherboard power connector have?
21. What is the function of the ISA slot?
22. What is the parallel ports used for?
23. What is the eSATA port?
24. What is a firewire port?
25. What is a USB port?
26. What is backplane in reference to motherboards?
27. What is the CPU socket?
28. How are are hard disks connected to a motherboard?
29. What is an AM2+ socket motherboard?
30. What is the LGA socket? What are they used for?
31. What is AdvancedTCA?
32. What is PCI express?
33. What is the Intel CPU ucode loading error?
34. What is the function of the auxillary connector on a motherboard?
35. Define jumpers in reference to motherboards?
36. What role do capacitors play in a motherboard?
37. What is the memory controller in a motherboard?
38. What is the motherboard ATA/ATAPI or SCSI controller?
39. What are the purpose of the case pin connectors?
40. What are the various connectors available on a motherboard back panel?
41. What is the purpose of the SPDIF optical out found on some motherboards?
42. What is the purpose of the Super I/O controller?
43. Describe briefly the architecture of the intel 6th generation chipset?
44. What is the purpose of the TURBO led found on older motherboards?
45. How is cooling done in a motherboard?
46. What is the purpose of the SMPS?
47. What is the role of the BIOS and CMOS in the boot process?
48. What is COASt in reference to motherboards?
49. What is the purpose of the antistatic foam in reference to motherboards?
50. What is the memory controller?

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Asus A320M-K motherboard

I have this motherboard that does not have or supports TPM 2.0 so what
motherboard can I buy that has TPM 2.0 and I can transfer all of my devices to it without upgrading the CPU or memory ?

Maurice Beaulieu 07-9-2021 03:09 PM


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