Aerobics instructor CV sample - aerobics instructor CV formats / templates

An effective CV of an aerobics instructor should highlight following qualities:

- Ability to conduct fitness assessment
- Skills in physical fitness, aerobics and instructor training
- Knowledge of right techniques for breathing
- Ability to use gym equipment
- Problem solving
- Basic first aid knowledge
- Safety oriented
- Knowledge of right eating habits

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  • Aerobics instructor CV sample

    Cathie S
    Ph No: 1234567890


    An experienced professional, with knowledge of various aerobics programs, seeking a position of aerobics instructor to utilize my skills and talent.


    -Excellent teaching skills.
    -Strong writing and communication skills.
    -In-depth knowledge of various aerobics programs.
    -Good knowledge of music.
    -Able to demonstrate exercise easily.
    -Ability to understand individual needs and capacity.
    -Ability to follow training procedures according to set up standards.
    -Exclusive knowledge of treating disorders.
    -Excellent in using various tools for aerobics programs.

    Professional Experience

    Working as Aerobics instructor in XYZ aerobics centre since 09Aug20XX-till date


    -Understand individuals need and instruct accordingly.
    -Instruct the use of aerobics tools and equipments.
    -To choose appropriate music according to exercise.
    -Schedule timings and allot batches according to individual availability.
    -To give extra attention on individuals who are slow in performance.
    -Observe individual activities and train accordingly.
    -To attend trainings and meetings.
    -To use aerobics tools and equipments according to procedures.

    Worked as aerobics instructor in BFG fitness centre since 2 FEB 19XX-19XX:


    -To conduct competitions, for motivational purpose.
    -To plan recreational activities.
    -Advice individuals regarding diet according to their capacity.
    -To do first aid in case of emergencies.
    -Regular check up of tools and equipment, to prevent any mishap.
    -To advice individual on different kinds of treatments.
    -Responsible to massage body parts according to individual suggestions.
    -Maintain record of attendance and individual improvements.

    Personal Traits

    -Sportive and energetic.
    -Friendly and patient.
    -Good stamina.
    -Fit and flexible.
    -Easily adaptable to change.
    -Good at evaluation.
    -Compatible and reliable


    -Conducted many successful aerobics competitions.
    -Appreciated by students for excellent teaching.
    -Introduced different useful programs for students benefit.


    -Diploma in physical training from GYX institution.
    -BED in physical training from XYZ College in 19XX.

    Computer skills

    -Basics (MS-Word, MS-PowerPoint, MS-Excel) Internet Concepts, Ms-Access.

    Personal Details:

    Date of birth: 26th Feb 19XX
    Languages known: English, Kanada, Hindi, Tamil.
    Address: Wax road, oxford cross, B’lore.