Death or life term for Kasab?

Death or life term for Kasab?

Death or life term for KasabAjmal Kasab, a lethal killing machine manufactured by Pakistan to disrupt peace in India is on the verge of a death sentence. But is death a better option than life imprisonment?


  • Death sentence is itself a message to Pakistan that its time for them to put a stop on the terror exports.
  • It is an example of robust judiciary, creating a sense of fear amongst terrorists and a sense of security amongst the common man.
  • It’s a message to all the terrorists to think twice before committing such an offence.
  • If that man values life so little as to take the life of another, why should he have that precious gift?
  • Death being the ultimate and exemplary punishment sends out a strong message.
  • Death is the best option considering the level of bloodshed and brutality involved.

  • Life imprisonment is harsher than death, as he will have to deal with his guilt for the remaining of his life, which is more excruciating than an instant death.
  • Death will only make him a martyr, a warrior in the eyes of other terrorists, further encouraging their cause not our.
  • Killing Kasab won’t solve the purpose; it will only act as fuel to the fire.
Death will be too soft a punishment for the costliest prisoner who broke all the hell loose in India. Ajmal Kasab should be imprisoned for the rest of his life - without any special treatment, so that he can suffer the same fate as the family of the deceased. He created a hell here now let him live in it.
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  • RE: Death or life term for Kasab? -arpit (03/06/18)
  • i think death is the better option than life time imprisonment because he is a terrorist.before doing such a brutal act he did not think about it,about the life of those innocent people who will lose it by his act,about the families of the families of the people who will suffer from such tragedy ,so if we think by life time imprisonment he will guilt for his shmaeful and brutal act,it is totally wrong,also money on the security nd other expenses of him will waste who had done such a offense.also death sentence will be a good example for all those terrorists who are planning for further attacks,they will got feeling of fear,they will also be afraid of the judiciary system of the court,of the country,they will think twice before attempting any such activity which will do a lot of loss to humanity.
  • RE: Death or life term for Kasab? -akansha (03/07/17)
  • Also, the captivated terrorist should be given immediate death penalties/ imprisonment once they are accused with the crime and proven guilty. As the daily expenses that are been spend on their security are figured in lakhs and crores. Thus an Indian government should waste hard earned taxpayers money into such terror convicts.
  • RE: Death or life term for Kasab? -varsha (08/12/16)
  • Death is the best option, because imprision for life time doesn't make person to feel guilty. See, as kasab was terriorist and he have only one aim to destroy our country and he have done this. so what if kasab got life time imprision??
    Nothing, we all know that how much facility he got during the imprision, and if he live than the further life goes same,he have no guilty for that attack, because he is a terrorist and i think terriost have no heart no dream to live after completing their aim/Goal...
    so its better that give the capital punishment, rather than life time imprisionment.
  • RE: Death or life term for Kasab? -Dillip kumar Nanda (04/18/16)
  • Firstly we must know that Pakistan is not expprting the terror,and we must not put our fingure towards one country or relision.
  • RE: Death or life term for Kasab? -Kajal (02/17/16)
  • Hanging the kasab or the death of ksab is thw best option ... Other people who belonged to the terroism got a msg ..brutality and killing the innocent people is not good ... Terroism point of view regarding killing people is a big crime ..
  • RE: Death or life term for Kasab? -Group Discussion (12/31/11)
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