E-Learning is good for the education system and society.

The advancement in the technology has taken education sector to a new level which is E-learning. This is an improved way of education system.


- E-learning sources provide best study materials which is very helpful for the students’ knowledge building process.
- This process of education makes life easier for students.
- Students don’t have to remember every thing or don’t have to take notes of every important point as they have every thing on net through E-learning source.
- It reduces the travel time and associated cost in the process of learning.
- E-learning gives flexibility to students with respect to time and place.
- More knowledge based activities are included in E-learning programs.
- Students get an option to see the things they don't undertand in one go again.


- E-learning has made students lazy as they don’t put in as much efforts as compared to students who were used to before this e-learning evolution.
- Students don’t attend their important lectures as they have E-learning resource available 24*7.
- Now they don’t have to work hard to make notes and prepare for exams.
- Students have started depending on these E-learning programs.
- It lacks face to face communication which is important for overall development of the student.
- Many villages and remote areas do not have an access to internet or the internet speed there is too slow.

E-learning has its advantages as well as disadvantages. It has made the education system more flexible and more knowledge based. E-learning techniques clubbed together with face to face interaction with a teacher can prove to be extremely useful for the students.
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