English grammar test - Rearrange jumbled up parts of a sentence

English grammar test - Rearrange jumbled up parts of a sentence

In each question below, there is a sentence with jumbled up parts. Rearrange these parts which are labelled P, Q, R and S to produce a grammatically correct and coherent sentence.

1. It is better…..

P. to keep the refrigerator
Q. in a well ventilated space
R. and
S. not
T. in a closed cavity


2. Moisture and humidity…….

P. controls
Q. retain
R. the freshness of fruits and vegetables
S. in a refrigerator help

a.) QSPR
b.) PSQR
c.) SQPR
d.) SRPQ

3. If you require assistance…..

P. promptly and politely
Q. ask for customer service associates
R. to help our customers
S. who have instructions

a.) SQPR
b.) QPSR
c.) QSRP
d.) SQRP

4. People ….

P. at his clinic
Q. went to him
R. of all status
S. for medicine and treatment

a.) QPRS
b.) RPQS
c.) RQSP
d.) QRPS

5. Little…..
P. that she had been
Q. stood by in all tough times
R. did she realise
S. by a friend whom she had

a.) RPSQ
b.) RSQP
c.) QSRP
d.) QSPR

6. The majestic sandalwood bed…..
P. belongs to a royal family
Q. which is very well maintained
R. that is now impoverished
S. but not without some pride

a.) RSPQ
b.) SPRQ
c.) SQRP
d.) QPRS

7. Towards early morning…..

P. so that the sky was lighted with
Q. and the clouds drifted away
R. the rain stopped
S. incredible moonlight

a.) SRQP
b.) SQPR
c.) RQPS
d.) SPQR

8. The parents…..

P. when they were in France
Q. to their three children
R. for seven years
S. could not teach Hindi

a.) SRPQ
b.) PRSQ
c.) SQPR
d.) PQRS

9. I can….

P. hear the spokes person all right
Q. I could see her
R. But I wish
S. as she lashes out at the opposition party

a.) PRSQ
b.) PQRS
c.) PQSR
d.) PRQS

10. The effectiveness of a show….

P. the needs of the audience
Q. is judged by
R. and by its relation to
S. its theme

a.) PSQR
b.) QRPS
c.) PQRS
d.) QSRP


1. b
2. b
3. c
4. c
5. a
6. d
7. c
8. c
9. d
10. d
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