He who knows how to be poor knows everything.

He who knows how to be poor knows every trick and tool of the trade. It’s up to him to make his poverty a boon or bane. It is a privilege but at the same time it is a curse that has engulfed most of the people in the world.

- Being poor is a privilege as it lets one know how much everything costs in this world.
- It shows the true nature of people around one.
- It makes one appreciate whatever you have earned.
- It makes one more sensible as he would know the true value of money.
- There are less things to care about, being poor gives a feeling of security.
- There are loads of benefits given to them by government.

- Poverty is the reason that the level of threat (pick pocketing, murder) is increasing day by day.
- Poor people are intimidated by rich people which lead them to take extreme measures (murder, suicide).
- They don’t value their life too much and waste it by dreaming of becoming rich but not making an effort to be rich.

Being poor gives one freedom but it also makes one prone to the threat posed by the rich societies. It is a ray of good hope only if one works hard to make it count. Being poor motivates one to do more in his life and make most of it. It’s all about making it large in one’s life.
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