Marketing associate CV sample - marketing associate CV formats / templates

An effective CV of a marketing associate should highlight following qualities:

1. Artistic eye
2. Good understanding of market and customers
3. A lot of confidence and aggression for work
4. Ability to see the big picture
5. Ability to deal with internal politics
6. Good communication and interpersonal skills

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  • RE: Marketing associate CV sample - marketing associate CV formats / templates -Rajvardhan Rane (08/20/12)
  • Marketing associate cv sample

    Rajesh Sharma
    Contact No. +91- 456799****
    Email ID- ***

    Career Summary

    -Highly talented and self motivated with a superb observation power on market possessing hand on experience of 3 years as Marketing associate.
    -Expertise to generate aggressive campaign from initial to final stage.
    -Proficient in producing the quality result in time.
    -Experience in various channels of marketing.
    -Skilled in contacting and developing healthy relationships with client.
    -Proficient in negotiation with client.

    Personality Traits

    -Strong motivational, negotiation and logical skills.
    -Excellent communication skills in written and verbal both.
    -Self starter with lots of enthusiasm.
    -Ability to work in pressure and give the best result.

    Computer Knowledge

    -Proficient in MS Office.
    -Internet Savvy

    Key responsibilities handled

    -Conceptualize the market research and implement it in the organization.
    -Manage direct marketing project from initial to last.
    -Expand the organization by using new market strategies.
    -Daily meet with prospective buyers and sales team to develop new advertisement and plan for advertise.
    -Provide training to the new employee.


    -30% sale has been increased in the financial year 2010-2011 by using new marketing strategies.
    -Sale through internet is been introduced by me in ADF Goods.
    -Receive ‘Best Marketing Associate’ reward in 2011.


    -Working as Marketing associate in XYZ Pvt. Ltd. From Nov 2011- present.
    -Worked as Marketing associate in ADF Goods from Jun 2008- September 2011

    -MBA in Marketing
    -Graduation from Delhi University.

    Personal details

    -Date of Birth- MM/DD/YYYY
    -Languages Known- Hindi, English, Punjabi
    -Address- KSKNASD