TV Commercials should be banned.

TV commercials is coming under attack from parents organizations, politicians and pressure groups in many countries as it not only regulates false and misleading ads but also lures people into impulsive spending. But they also provide us with the latest information on the latest products, keeping us updated. Advertisements are all glitter and little truth.

- There should be regulations against false or misleading advertisements, as most of the TV commercials are advert towards making profit.
- TV can exist without advertising, as it only creates distractions and disturbances.
- Commercials coming nowadays depict vulgarity knowing no bounds.
- Teenagers become easy victims of the commercials, as they fail to understand that advertisers are only trying to lure them into buying their products.
- Advertisements are directed towards the younger generation, luring them into making premature decisions and buying things that are not essential.
- There is nothing moral in encouraging customers to be non-rational and impulsive in spending.

- Advertisements offer a wide range of variety for the customers, which give the customers a lot of choices to choose from.
- It boosts economy by generating revenue; this money is generally of the people working behind the scenes.
- It would be a violation of freedom of speech and press.
- Banning ads would create unawareness among the people about the new products that are up for grabs, that might be useful to many.
- Banning TV ads would leave a sore taste as it would violate the right of freedom of expression.
- Many channels will get closed not being able to meet their cost of production.
- Banning the advertisements may lead to channels not being able to air impartial content in national interest as they will have to depend on some particular revenue sources.

In the interest of the free speech, TV commercials should not be banned but they should be restricted in terms of the contents they show that might influence the teenagers in a wrong way. To have Freedom of Speech is a good thing but it should have its limits.
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  • RE: TV Commercials should be banned. -Callie (02/10/17)
  • TV commercials are a nuisance&should definately be banned from TV. I do not pay my bill,just to have movies&TV shows that I DO pay for constantly interrupted with annoying/stupid commercials,with a bunch of stuff I am mostly not interested in anyway/stuff I already know exists(toilet paper,dish soap,cell phones/laptops,fat food,dog stuff,etc). Also,on many channels,there is more commercial than movie/TV show,not even an even ratio. Enough is enough,already!
  • RE: TV Commercials should not be banned. -Muhammad Ahmad Hasan (12/13/15)
  • The money paid to TV channels is insufficient to meet expenses, as broadcasting requires expert and professional people like electrical,mechanical, software engineers, accountants, streaming which is need of prevailing circumstances, is so much expensive that sole money earned from customers is not sufficient.
  • RE: TV Commercials should be banned. -Marco Polo (10/23/15)
  • All commercials should be banned on TV and Radio. They can assign them a station that only plays commercials for the weirdos who actually like to watch/listen to this stuff. Personally if I see a product advertised..i don't/won't buy it. Lets all get rid of these things and we will all feel better.
  • RE: TV Commercials should be banned. -pankaj (07/27/15)
  • according to my point of tv commercial should not be banned because its provide us useful information of product which we use in our day to day life.
    when we buy any on the basis of tv commercial while we use our common sense is it necessary for me or not.
    Those tv commercial having vulgarity or misleading contents should be shown after 11:00 pm or midnight.
  • RE: TV Commercials should be banned. -Monika Kushwaha (07/27/15)
  • In my view ,Tv commercials shouldn't be banned as they serve as an important medium for all catchy offers available by the companies and commercials assist in promoting these.As well as commercials also help public to become aware of all trending films,cosmetics and many sorta grossery available in discount which can prove beneficial for the youth to entertain and meet their needs.But upto some extent all the vulgarism shown using this indispensible tool should be censorized and prohibited. Many teenagers are trapped and beguiled coz of unauthorised stuff which is absolutely wrong and they start meeting their premature needs..
    So commercials shouldnt be completely banned but d content displayed should be restricted.
  • RE: TV Commercials should be banned. -ROSHAN KUMAR SAHOO (07/25/15)
  • I think TV commercial should not be banned but it should have a limiting helps us to get updates information about prodect and general awareness. Which is very help full in our daily life. It also helps us to achieve our goal. So it should not be banned.By the way it has some bad impact in our society. Basically the advertisements relating to sex and the programme releatng to murder and raphe is very much harmful for teenagers. It should not be shown in TV.another disadvantage is advertise of un necessary product for longer time.These are the basic disadvantages of television. Since I don't think it should not be banned in commercial but keep on eye in his limit.Thank u
  • RE: TV Commercials should be banned. -MJ (07/24/15)
  • I think tv commericals should not be banned.Because it creates unawareness among the people about the products that might useful to us.But at the same time it should not show vulgarity to people.Vulgarity tents to create bad impression on kids.
  • RE: TV Commercials should be banned. -Dinesh kalia (07/23/15)
  • TV commercials should not be banned.
    Firstly it provides information regarding products or sometimes give knowledge about the importance of things in our daily life. Undoubtedly, enhances public awareness and is also a bread and butter of many people behind the screen, actors. Moreover, TV channels are also earn from advertisements and sometimes an ad actor get a chance of leading hero in a movie polish as well as generate opportunities for many people.
  • RE: TV Commercials should be banned. -Chinmaya kumar mishra (07/23/15)
  • I think,TV commercials should not be banned.Because it provides the latest product in the market,and it gives us very good things like about film,about some new product.etc.But in some cases its showing a very sexual advertisements,in that time we have to ignore this,or we will give some complain to the add company or we have to censorise that.But most of the cases Tv commercials are Helping us very muh.Thats why i am thinking,Tv commercials should not be Banned.
  • RE: TV Commercials should be banned. -Vinod Kumar (04/06/15)
  • I do not support for commercials to be banned

    Firstly Television is for providing Entertainment to the people. But we have to remember the TV channel can survive only if it has some means of making money and one of the way is through commercials. At the same time it should have values, it shouldn't encourage vulgairty ads just for the money sake.

    Secondly every house has a TV, atleast majority of houses, so the best means of launch of a new product or launch of a new movie or any change in the exisiting ones, etc. can be easily known to everyone which can be done through commercials.
    Also so much of Income is generated through it as we have separate industry who prepare commercials and so many people live on it.

    Hence commercials cannot be banned but it has to be done with some moral cause.
  • RE: TV Commercials should be banned. -J-P (04/05/15)
  • The way I see it, we pay for our cable/satellite service, whoever thinks that removing ads will close TV stations is completely wrong. What should be offered instead is dedicated TV station(s) reserved exclusively for commercials. If you want to pay or watch them, knock yourselves out. I cannot stand watching a movie that has 7 minutes of air time and followed by 5 minutes of commercials. It's ridiculous. In addition, I am not interested in paying my service that is loaded with paid advertisements.
  • RE: TV Commercials should be banned. -Shane (01/27/15)
  • According to me tv commercial shouldn't be banned, but we have to premise for tv advertisement aware us about the new products came in market. Bus we have also consider that some tv commercial mislead people by providing wrong info about their product and some provide sexual content which is not good for children and in these cases we have to premise for censorship .
  • RE: TV Commercials should be banned. -Group Discussion (12/31/11)
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