US war on Iraq-justified or not?

- US war on Iraq was based on the reason of "Weapons of Mass Destruction", which led them to kill Saddam Hussain and his sons who shattered humanity.
- This war took lives of the cruelest terrorist Saddam Hussain and his sons and seized power from the dictator which was a great achievement.
- It was a war against terrorism so it was justified.
- It gave freedom to the people of Iraq from the suffering which they were bearing for a long time.

- The war was not the solution to the problem as the situation could have been handled with little resistance.
- Many innocent civilians were killed without having any mistake during the war which was not acceptable.
- It was the internal issue of Iraq and US should not have intervened in their matter like this. If a country like US will intervene in any other country’s issues then the whole world will become a mess. Tomorrow some other country can take over any country in the name of terrorism.
- No country has the right to interfere in any other country’s internal matters without having a general consent.
- The after effect of war cannot be justified as it made civilians of Iraq home less and distorted the peace and harmony in their country.
- The main task of American army was to restore peace and rebuild the nation with a constructive government in order to bring stability in the lives of people of Iraq. But due to the delay in their return from Iraq, the situation worsened.
- The condition of general public during the war was more pathetic as they had no security and basic amenities.

The outbreak of the war did help US to get Saddam by neck but it caused severe damage and chaos in Iraq, whose victims were none other than the innocent people. US became slayers rather than the savers. There actions were certainly not justified as life of many cannot be endangered because of one.
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