What is Interior Designing? Eligibility criteria to be an interior designer.

What is Interior Designing?

Interior Designing is a profession wherein the internal environment of any given space is identified, researched and is shaped after interpreting its function and quality. Decoration is a part of Interior Designing in which using the specialized knowledge of interior construction, building codes, materials and furnishings; a professional approach is given to the designing aspect of any internal space. With increasing urbanization and the desire to remain presentable, both residential and commercial clientele are now emphasizing more on eye catching as well as cost effective interiors or their structures. An interior designer not only design, reviews the design and make planning of the interiors but also works on the colors, textures, furniture and lighting of the space provided as per the clients need.

What is eligibility for entering into the course of Interior Designing?

There is no specific requirement for pursuing the course of Interior Designing apart from clearing senior secondary. There are scholarships also available in different institutes for different and some specialized groups, which can be inquired at the time of admission to the institute or college. Subject covered in these courses are Art and Basic Design, Furniture Design, Computer Aided Design, Furnishings and Fittings etc.
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