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C++ standard stream class

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What is stream class and stream object. Describe them in detail with an example.

C++ standard stream class - Feb 05, 2009 at 18:10 PM by Anuja Changede

What is stream class and stream object. Describe them in detail with an example.

The C++ I/O system supplies an interface to the programmer that is independent of the actual device being accessed. This interface is known as stream. The I/O system contains a hierarchy of the stream classes used to define various streams to deal with the console and disk files. These classes are known as stream classes. The base stream class for handling input and output operations with the console and disk is ios and there are various classes derived from it such as istream, ostream, streambuf etc.

The header file <iostream> declares the stream classes.

As part of the library, the iostream declares certain objects that are used to perform input and output operations. These are known as Stream objects. They are cin, cout, cerr, clog etc.

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What is stream class and stream object. Describe them in detail with an example.
Provide and explain with an example for stream classes for files.
Provide and explain with an example for string stream classes.
Describe lexical cast operator as an example.
What char* stream classes? Include example to explain it.

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