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C++ Type checking interview questions


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What are static and dynamic type checking?

Latest answer: Static type checking performs the type checking operation before the execution of the program. To perform this operation, the arguments, expressions, variables must be given a data type..................
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When is dynamic checking necessary?

Latest answer: Dynamic checking is necessary in the following scenarios: Whenever the definition of a variable is not necessary before its usage..............
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What are function prototypes?

Latest answer: In C++ all functions must be declared before they are used. This is accomplished using function prototype. Prototypes enable complier to provide stronger type checking. When prototype is used, the compiler can find and report any illegal type conversions between the type of arguments used to call a.....................
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What is static function? Explain with an example

Latest answer: Static member functions are used to maintain a single copy of a class member function across various objects of the class. Static member functions can be called either by itself, independent of any object, by using class name and :: (scope resolution operator) or in connection with an object.......................
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What are associate containers?

Latest answer: Containers are objects that hold other objects. An associative container stores pair of values. It is typically a key-value pair. Given one value (key), we can access the other, called the mapped value. The key needs to be unique. The value associated with that key could be unique or multiple.......................
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