C++ Friend function interview questions and answers


C++ Friend function interview questions

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What are the characteristics of friend functions?

Latest answer: A friend function is not in the scope of the class n which it has been declared as friend.
It cannot be called using the object of that class..................
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What is a friend function?

Latest answer: Private data members cannot be accessed from outside the class. However, situations arise where two classes need to share a particular function. For such situations, C++ introduces friend functions...................
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Explain the advantages of using friend classes.

Latest answer: There are situations when private data members need to be accessed and used by 2 classes simultaneously. In these kind of situations we can introduce friend functions which have an access to..................
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List down the guideline that should be followed while using friend function.

Latest answer: When the application is needed to access a private member of another class, the only way is to utilize the friend functions. The following are the guidelines to handle friend functions....................
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What are friend classes? What are advantages of using friend classes?

Latest answer: The friend function is a ‘non member function’ of a class. It can access non public members of the class. A friend function is external to the class definition...............
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