Automobile Engineering interview questions and answers - part 5


Automobile Engineering interview questions and answers - part 5

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What is the use of hydrogen in automobile?

Low emissions. Essentially no CO or HC in the exhaust as there is no carbon in the fuel. Most exhaust would be H2O and N2 Fuel availability. There are a number of different ways of making hydrogen, including electrolysis of water.

What is the use of Natural gas in automobiles?

High octane number makes it very good S.I engine fuel
Low engine emissions. Less aldehydes than with methanol

What is pitching in the suspension system?

Pitching is a rocking action about a transverse axis through the vehicle, parallel to the ground. The front suspension moves out of phase with the rear, experiencing the rocking effect due to pitching.

What do you mean by Independent suspension?

Independent suspension refers to the mounting of the wheel on a separate axle, so that road shocks affect only the particular wheel.

What is pan hard rod or track bar?

A pan hard rod is a bar or tube running from one side of the axle to the frame on the other side of the vehicle. It helps the leaf spring in keeping the axle centered under the body during turning a corner.

What is clutch drag?

When the clutch is not disengaging fully and provides some difficulty in changing the gears then this defect is called clutch drag.

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doubt on ur q&a. automobile

sir, tnx for these q&a . if found that in part 4 last question for automobile engg. u explained that for lower comp. ratio engine uses low octane value fuels... but in the 2nd question in part 5 u explained that natural gas have high octane value so using in spark ignited engines. these S.I. engines are low C.Ratio engine does it matches.

mathew 08-7-2016 03:18 AM


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