Automobile Engineering interview questions and answers - part 6


Automobile Engineering interview questions and answers - part 6

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1. What is the significance of BS 3 or 4 engines?
2. Explain the consequences of using BS3 engine fuel with BS4 engines.
3. What will happen if wrong fuel is burnt in engine?
4. Why oil is mixed with coolant and what are causes of this?
5. What is an injector pressure in heavy vehicle?
6. What is engine efficiency?
7. What is the engine efficiency range in two stroke engine?
8. Why two stroke engine can’t be used in cars?
9. What is the function of commutator in starting system?
10. Explain the crankshafts used in two piston system.
11. What is a stage time?
12. How power can be generated in engine?
13. Why front wheel is bigger than rear wheel in tractor?
14. How efficiency can be calculated in 500 k.v.a diesel generator?
15. Due to drive torque,What is transverse weight shift?
16. Why black colour are used for tyres?Is there anything related with heat conduction?
17. Explain the working principle of hydrostatic propeltion system in a tractor?
18. Can servomotor be used for applying torque or load to the gear box drive shaft at various speeds for gear box testing purpose.
19. Why rear wheels are bigger in vehicles?
20. What is king pin offset?
21. How BHP can be calculated in SI units?
22. Differentiate between two stroke engines four stroke engines.
23. What size of a compressor (CFM) is recommended for the purpose of inflating car tyres, spray painting, etc.?
24. Do the design & fittings depend on the type of the vehicle engine? Why is petrol used for engines only & vice versa.
25. Will engine performance be damaged by mixing oil in fuel of four stroke bike ?
26. How to calculate the Speedometer ratio in the vehicle?
27. What is BHP?
28. How BHP is measured?
29. What is the difference between BS2 & BS3 engine?
30. Explain the concept of CC of engines?
31. What is back compressor in engine?
32. Explain Terminal Engine Meltdown?
33. What is meant by1.8 TSI 4V 1798cc turbocharged?
34. What is CPK value?
35. Why wheel type steerig is used in cars instead of hand steering used in auto-rickshaw?
36. Where is fan located in car?
37. Why oil with petrol can be used in two stroke engines but not in four stroke engines (two wheelers)?
38. What stands for AC in AC mechanical fuel pump?
39. Which engines have the high mechanical efficiency either 2 stroke engines or 4 stroke engines?
40. What happens if you use petrol in diesel engine?
41. How the engine does start working when we start our two wheeler?
42. Why are I/P transducer connected with 24V DC not to 220V AC?
43. What is the engine rating required for 1000 KVA generator set?
44. How much diesel does 1000 KVA rating DG set at full load consume?
45. How can you test the Speedo meter?
46. What is the allowable -ve crankcase pressure (vacuum) in the gas engine of 1.5 MW,
47. What is the fundamental equation for correct steering?
48. Is filter Generated (Diesel filter & Air Filter) from Diesel Generators are Hazardous waste?
49. What is meaning of 1640 write on the trailor?
50. What is the composition of Cast Iron Grade: GG P70?
51. What are the troubles in inaccurate gauge reading?
52. How air condition work in the car?
53. What is the three method of heat transfer?

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6

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very helpfull

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It''s nice Qucation

Satish 03-23-2018 11:48 PM

wrong answer

diffrents between four stroke and two stroke .this your answer is wrong.please cleare.
2 stroke engine crankshaft 1 rotation produce power and this cycle is complete.four stroke crankshaft 2 time rotate

sharafudheen 07-24-2017 02:40 AM

to help interview .

tank you for support this types of question and answers.please diagram also fix that type of qustion.tank yor

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its very nice question,help in an interview

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rajesh 08-7-2015 01:32 PM

fuel injection system

can any one tell me what is the j, k,ke, jetronics and motronic systems ? and which system is using now a days?

amit dandagavhal 03-17-2015 08:07 AM

automobile for Hyundai

thanks a lot .it will be useful for Hyundai drive.

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about roller and jcb

thank you for sharing the most important question

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Excellent Basic Practical Q & A... Looking for more..

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its very useful for me thank you give more question and answers.

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its very useful for me thank you give more question and answers.

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its good

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