20 fortran interview questions and answers


Fortran interview questions and answers

1. What are the advantages that can be taken in the case of strength reduction in FORTRAN?
2.What is the method of Dead store elimination? - FORTRAN
3.What are the optimization techniques used for code optimization? - FORTRAN
4.What are the common pitfalls used for the Data-types? - FORTRAN
5.What are the rules involved in debugging? - FORTRAN
6.What is the procedure to test a program in FORTRAN?
7.What are the methods used to correct the syntax errors in FORTRAN?
8.What are the options provided by the compiler during programming? - FORTRAN
9.Write a program that shows the dynamic memory allocation? - FORTRAN
10.What are the features involved in FORTRAN 2008?
11.What are the features added in FORTRAN 90?
12.What are the changes being made in FORTRAN 77?
13.Write a simple program in FORTRAN II to calculate the Area of the Triangle?
14.What are the main features of FORTRAN II?
15.How is recursion used in FORTRAN?
16.What are the functionalities performed by Frequency statements? - FORTRAN
17.What are the different types of statements used in FORTRAN?
18.What is the use of adding underscore suffix? - FORTRAN
19.What are the conditions that are required for the underscores to be used? - FORTRAN
20.What is the use of Array storage order in FORTRAN?

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