Child care CV sample - child care CV formats / templates

An effective CV of a child care provider should highlight following qualities:

- Soft spoken
- Dependability
- Honesty
- Truthfulness
- Physical stamina
- Patience
- Calm under pressure

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  • RE: Child care CV sample - child care CV formats / templates -Poonam Rawat (09/27/12)
  • Child care worker CV sample

    PPPP Saini
    Mobile No: 9XXXXXXXXX

    Career Objective

    -Seeking a position in the higher level for further enhancement of my soft skills and experience in the same field.

    Technical skills


    Personality Traits

    -Soft Nature

    Key Responsibilities

    -Works with staff member to ensure the smooth operation of daily activities according to centre policies.
    -Responsible for supervising and care of all the children at centre and Interacting with all children motivates them and nurture their confidence.
    -Responsible for creating and implementing the child care program.
    -Assist staff in the daily routine of appropriate early childhood education and experiences.
    -Responsible for maintaining up to date observations and portfolios for each child about their development.


    -Got award for best housekeeping from XYZ centre.
    -Got award for raising the quality of childcare from XYZ centre.


    -Currently working with XYZ Company as child care worker from January 20** to till date.

    Academic Qualification

    -Successfully completed Secondary Examination, XYZ Board, securing 81%.
    -Successfully completed Sr. Secondary Examination, XYZ Board, securing 65%.

    Personal Details

    Date of Birth-15th Aug, 19XX
    Language Known-English, Hindi, Odiya
  • RE: Child care CV sample - child care CV formats / templates -Shobhna Bhati (09/11/12)
  • Child care CV sample

    Ranjita XXX
    Phone: +91-XXXXXX
    Mail Id:


    To combine my zeal, kind nature and aptitude for learning and teaching with children in order to develop their specialized skills and attitudes.


    -Graduate with science from XXXX University in year XXXX.
    -First level certification for coaching from XXXX institute in year XXXX.
    -Passed higher secondary from XXXX board.

    Work Experience

    Working as a child care worker since XXXX to till date with XXXXX firm.

    Job responsibilities

    -Observe and monitor children's play activities.
    -Teaching children simple painting, drawing, handicrafts, and songs.
    -Instruct children in health and personal habits such as eating, resting, and toilet habits.
    -Talk to parent about that what their child has done for the day.
    -Organize and participate in entertainment activities.
    -Help children in completing school work and home work.
    -Monitor children’s play activities.
    -Support children’s in their social development, and encouragement.
    -Work with the other staff members for day to day activities.
    -As per requirement performing other administrative duties.

    Worked as a Nursery teacher for 2 years.

    Job Responsibilities

    -Teach to a group of 15 children.
    -Supported children’s emotional and social development.
    -Measuring child’s behavior and developing them accordingly.
    -Teaching them basic things like eating, responding, and toilet things.
    -Encouraging physical training and good habits.
    -Finding and directing individual talents.
    -Building good teacher-parent relationship for student counseling.
    -Observing and analyzing academic records of children for special teaching.

    Working Ethics

    -Stay safe and healthy.
    -Always keep smiling face.
    -Bad language out.
    -Skills to bond with the children.
    -Hardcore patience.
    -Simple way of communication with children.


    Singing, Dancing, and Painting.

    Personal Details

    Date of birth: XX/XX/XXXX
    Languages known: Hindi, and English
    Address: XXXXX
  • RE: Child care CV sample - child care CV formats / templates -Sahana (09/10/12)
  • Child care worker CV sample

    Sareen E
    Ph No: 1234567890

    Loving, caring with special affinity to children; seeking a position middle level position in child care industry.


    -Excellent communication skills.
    -Ability to understand children’s behaviour.
    -Ability to train the juniors.
    -Good problem solving skills.
    -Ability to recognize children’s problem and correct accordingly.
    -Ability to interact and coordinate with parents and children.
    -Ability to meet children’s needs.
    -Ability to communicate in different languages which makes it easier for parents and children.

    Professional Experience

    Working as Child care worker in XYZ School since 09 Aug 20XX -till date


    - To direct children in their activity.
    - Observe children in their activities and studies and take up correct measures.
    - Teach different kinds of activities like indoor games, handicrafts, painting, drawings etc.
    - Make sure that kids complete their food bought from home.
    - Conduct recreational activities for relaxation.
    - Help children do their home work and other activities.
    - Make sure that all children are healthy and fit, if not take up recommended measures.
    - Coordinate between parents and children.
    - Conduct regular parents’ teachers meeting and inform parents regarding children’s performance.
    - Maintain record of attendance, activities and programs.

    Personal Traits

    -Very caring.
    -Committed to work.
    -Good at listening and understanding.
    -Have lots of patience.
    -Able to work under pressure.
    -Very pleasant and charming.
    -Interactive and friendly person.
    -Willing to learn new things.


    -Maintained large number of children.
    -Appreciated by parents for children’s improvement.


    -Diploma in child care from NY institution.
    -High school from XYZ school

    Computer skills

    -Basics (MS-Word, MS-PowerPoint, MS-Excel) Internet Concepts, Ms-Access.

    Personal Details

    Date of birth -
    Languages known -
  • RE: Child care CV sample - child care CV formats / templates -Ishita kispotta (09/09/12)
  • Child minder CV sample

    Mobile: +91-98********

    Career Summary

    -Talented Child Minder with five years of experience in providing a safe, stimulating environment for children.
    -Conducted individual and group activities to encourage children learning’s.
    -Developed children’s social interaction skills.
    -Ability to understand the child need.
    -Strong child supervision skills.

    Key Skills

    -Love for children and commitment to provide them long-term care.
    -Expertise in different ways of bringing up the children.
    -Caring nature and patience.
    -Sense of humor and flexibility.
    -Strong communication skills.
    -Ability to develop child securely and take care.
    -Awareness of children food habits, health, and hygiene

    Work Experience

    Company Name- XYZ
    Child Care Worker
    Aug 20**- Till Date

    -Plan and implement children development programs.
    -Take care of individual children.
    -Observe and record children’s growth and development.
    -Inform the parents about children behavior and growth.
    -Supervise and provide training to staff.
    -Prepare play and learning materials for children.
    -Supervise children's play and ensure their physical safety at all times.
    -Help children for their daily routines like toileting, dressing, eating etc.
    -Prepare snacks and healthy meals for children.
    -Maintain safe, clean, appealing and hygienic environment.
    -Prepare activities for group of children.
    -Maintain children’s records and other activities.
    -Take care of physical needs of the children.


    -Awarded as Best Child Minder of the Year in 20**.
    -Recognized for making best relationships with parents and taking care of children.


    -HSC from XYZ in 20**.

    Personal Details

    Date of Birth: 15 September 19**.
    Languages known: Hindi and English.
    Address: XYZ.
  • RE: Child care CV sample - child care CV formats / templates -Shashank Chaturvedi (09/04/12)
  • Child care CV sample

    Shashi Tripathi
    Mobile No.: +919933******

    Training Director


    To be a Child Caretaker, this gives me opportunity to enjoy my time with little kids by taking car of them.

    Career Summary

    -Experienced in taking care of little kid to infants
    -Experienced in maintaining a hygienic environment around them so that they may not fall ill because of dirt
    -Experienced in taking care of children of various religion and ethnicity while their parents were busy with their jobs
    -Sound knowledge of cooking food for meals of children and various knowledgeable games to make them learn and play simultaneously
    -Warm and friendly behavior which proves to be an asset in getting acquainted with little kid very swiftly
    -Superior facilitation and instructor skills.

    Technical Skills

    -Interested in helping children
    -Excellent observational skills and the ability to take care of children
    -Experienced in enjoying authority and confidence to deal with children
    -Excellent time management skills
    -Clam and Quiet
    -Excellent communication skills
    -Possess variety of skills that can be used to communicate with children.

    Personality Traits

    -Persuasive & Team leader
    -Warm, friendly and engaging personality
    -Ability to work hard and smart
    -Ability to work for late hours with full efficiency

    Employment/Training History

    -Child Care Taker (2007 to 2010) Eshan, Son of Mr. & Mrs. Rastogi, New Town XYZ
    -Child Care Taker (2007 to 2010) Akshat, Son of Mr. & Mrs. Verma, New Town ABC


    -Actively volunteered in seminars and fests organized in college and came out with flying colors.
    -Won cooking competition in my society


    -HSC (Commerce Stream) - 1992 (EFGH Board, New Delhi) - 56%
    -SSC (Commerce, Hindi) - 1994 (EFGH Board, New Delhi) - 66%

    Personal Details

    Date of Birth: DD/MM/YYYY
    Languages Known: Hindi, English, and German
    Permanent Address: QWERTYUIOP