Operations analyst CV sample - CV formats / templates

An effective CV of an operations research analyst should highlight following qualities:

1. Relevant qualification
2. Problem solving
3. Ability to communicate persuasively
4. Resistant to stress
5. Flexible but decisive

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  • RE: Operations analyst CV sample - CV formats / templates -PRATEEK BAJPAI (09/05/12)
  • Operation analyst CV sample

    Satish Devrari
    Contact No. +918568******
    Email ID- ****@gmail.com

    Profile Summary

    -A result oriented and hardworking professional with expertise in seeking out deficiencies within the business model and develop new best practices, ensuring greater firm-wide profitability

    having rich experience of 2 years as a Operation Analyst.
    -Proficient in analyzing all management and organization practices.
    -Expertise in creating models of each problem in effort to create solutions.
    -Expertise in assisting in the implementation of new business practices.
    -Expertise to set strategic priorities and on all aspects of operations.
    -Proficient in evaluating the implementation efforts and making adjustments.

    Personality Traits

    -Excellent problem solver and exceptional math skills.
    -Excellent communication skills in verbal and written both.
    -Strong attention to detail.
    -Energetic, motivator and effective.
    -Ability to gain credibility..

    Computer knowledge

    -Well versed in use of computer.
    -Internet savvy.

    Key Responsibilities handled

    -Maximizing existing resources and maintaining system availability.
    -Keeping all the systems up to date and running to support the business.
    -Responsible for the day-to-day analysis, research and resolution of various problems.
    -Conducting business unit reviews, managing process improvement and administration, executing quality monitoring, providing analysis and complex report generation and engaging in operational

    activities to support the business unit.
    -Analyzing the future prospects of company.
    -Providing guidance to the team regarding new procedural, technical, or operational changes.
    -Assisting in the design, documentation, implementation, and monitoring of new products and services.


    -Receive ‘Best Employee’ award in 2011.
    -Manages the team of 10 people and receive appreciations for giving timely results..


    -Working as Operation Analyst in DFG Pvt. Ltd. from Jan 2010- Present.


    -MBA in Operations.

    Personal Details

    -Language Known- Hindi, English, Punjabi, Urdu, French
    -Date of Birth- DD/MM/YYYY
    -Address- TYEIEIDD