Retail manager CV sample - Retail manager CV formats / templates

An effective CV of a retail manager should highlight following qualities:

- Effective communication skills
- Good listening skills
- Approachable
- Available
- Knowledgeable
- Helpful
- Decisive
- Assertive

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  • RE: Retail manager CV sample - Retail manager CV formats / templates -Shashank Chaturvedi (09/06/12)
  • Retail manager CV sample

    Sardar Khan
    Mobile No.: +919933******

    Retail Manager


    To be a Branch Manager at an organization where my exceptional management skills will be used and the rigorous responsibilities that comes with the job will instigate me to perform better.

    Career Summary

    -4 Years of Experience of being a Retail Manager
    -Well known name in XYZ Shopping Chain sector with a proven background in increasing company’s profits manifold with full customer satisfaction.
    -Proven Strong leadership skills which helped organization in getting an excellent public image.
    -Maintained Quantity and Quality of Products sold which in turn increased customer influx.
    -Earned special skills like developing staff through coaching, mentoring, and providing suitable training during employment period of last 4 years
    -Utilizes creative abilities to increase firm recognition and branding in the community


    -Skilled in supervising Branch Staff and Guiding Newly appointed staff.
    -Proficient in Monitoring Branch Functioning
    -Demonstrated proficiency in composing written communication
    -Excellent Interpersonal skills to behave in a best possible ways with the visitors in the bar

    Personality Traits

    -Persuasive & Team leader
    -Warm, friendly and engaging personality
    -Outstanding loyalty and commitment to the media and company
    -Ability to work hard and smart
    -Ability to work for late hours with full efficiency

    Employment/Training History

    -Retail Manager (2007 to 2010) XYZ Shopping Chain
    -Ensuring day to day running of huge retail store
    -Maintaining market trend in retail store
    -Analyzing sales figures and took measures to improve them in future
    -Grew branch revenues over swiftly by applying innovative methodologies.
    -Supervised recruitment and other growth focused activities.
    -Mentored branch staff on behavioral issues at various sections like visitors inquiry section etc
    -Managed a substantial office renovation


    -Captain of College Cricket Team
    -Head Boy of University for whole academic Session
    -Lead college in various Inter School Debate Competitions and won prizes.
    -Actively volunteered in seminars and fests organized in college and came out with flying colors.


    -HSC (Science Stream) - 1992 (EFGH Board, New Delhi) - 91%
    -SSC (PCM, English) - 1994 (EFGH Board, New Delhi) - 87%
    -BBA - 2004, ASDF University of Management - 67%
    -PGDM (Film Productions) - 2004, ASDF Film School - 67%

    Personal Details

    Date of Birth: DD/MM/YYYY
    Languages Known: Hindi, English, and German
    Permanent Address: QWERTYUIOP
  • RE: Retail manager CV sample - Retail manager CV formats / templates -Ishita kispotta (09/04/12)
  • Retail store manager CV sample

    Mobile: +91-98********

    Career Summary

    -Highly skilled retail sales professional with track record of proven sales techniques.
    -Experienced in managing Retail Store.
    -Excellent multitasking skills.
    -Experienced in providing customer service, handling cash, and stock management and general store duties.
    -Develops effective point of purchase marketing displays.
    -Excellent customer approach for repeat business.
    -Ensure customer satisfaction and complains.

    Key Skills

    -Excellent Time Management and ability to work under pressure with ease and efficiency.
    -Excellent managerial and marketing skills.
    -Expertise in manpower management.
    -Proficient in computer skills and using internet.
    -Quick learner and adjust in any environment.
    -Ability to work in minimal supervision.

    Personality Traits

    -Excellent communication skill.
    -Positive Attitude and commitment to work.
    -Proven ability to put best efforts and satisfied the superiors.
    -Sincere and Honest.
    -Pleasant personality and helpful nature.

    Work Experience

    Company Name- XYZ
    Store Manager
    Mar 20**-Till Date

    -Supervise the store coworkers.
    -Checking the availability of stock.
    -Provide the product training to the staff.
    -Coordinate with brand managers for merchandising.
    -Promote schemes to increase the sales.
    -Review all cash and credit transactions.
    -Taking feedbacks and resolving the queries from the customer.
    -Prepare and forward daily store reports to the managements.

    Company Name- XYZ
    Assistant Store Manager
    May 20**- March 20**

    -Recruit new staff member for the store.
    -Assist Store Manager for choosing monthly stock.
    -Maintain marketing and window displays.
    -Developing schemes for the sales improvement.
    -Plan the directives to improve customer service.
    -Plan the store management and formulate entire retail range.
    -Responsible for timely opening and closing of store.
    -Provide motivation and supervise the employees.


    -Recognized for redesigning the grocery floor layout which improved the store ambience and increased the customer traffic.
    -Recognized for the average 20 percent sales increase in 20**.

    Educational Qualification

    -MBA from XYZ in year 20**.
    -BA from XYZ in year 20**.

    Personal Details

    Date of Birth: 29 August 19**.
    Languages known: Hindi, Punjabi and English
    Address: XYZ.
  • RE: Retail manager CV sample - Retail manager CV formats / templates -Vidushi Sharma (08/31/12)
  • Retail manager CV sample

    Sushant Anand
    Email: s******
    Phone: 98**********

    Career Summary

    -7 years of experience in retail sales, merchandising and store Management.
    -Expertise in planning & controlling Retail Management & merchandizing for enhanced profitability & growth.
    -Proficient in implementation of marketing and sales promotion plans for new business generations.
    -Keen customer centric orientation with excellent communication skills and ability to interact effectively with key personnel at all levels

    Personality Traits

    -Target-oriented with excellent customer Service Skills.
    -Strong analytical and organizational skills
    -Excellent negotiations and problem Solving Skills.
    -Quick learner and ability meet deadlines.
    -Good command over verbal and written Communication skills.

    Key Skills

    -Strategic Planning
    -Retail Distribution
    -P&L Management
    -Budget Planning
    -Merchandise Displays
    -Inventory Control
    -System Management
    -Incentive Structures
    -Performance Standards

    Key Responsibilities Handled

    -Managing and motivating a team to increase sales and ensure efficiency;
    -Managing stock levels and making key decisions about stock control;
    -Analyzing sales figures and forecasting future sales volumes to maximize profits;
    -Analyzing and interpreting trends to facilitate planning;
    -Using information technology to record sales figures, for data analysis and forward planning;
    -Dealing with staffing issues such as interviewing potential staff, conducting appraisals and performance reviews, as well as providing or organizing training and development;
    -Ensuring standards for quality, customer service and health and safety are met;
    -Responding to customer complaints and comments;
    -Promoting the organization locally by liaising with local schools, newspapers and the community in general;
    -Organizing special promotions, displays and events;
    -Attending and chairing meetings;
    -Updating colleagues on business performance, new initiatives and other pertinent issues;


    -Lead, mentored and monitored a team of 25 personnel.
    -Awarded the best employee of the moth Jan****
    -Achieved Outstanding Performance for 3rd Quarter of the year ***.
    -Effectively increased sales of digital cameras of leading brands, video cameras, laptops, Hi – Fi’s


    -Working as a Retail Manager for RTU from Nov 2***.
    -Worked as a Retail Executive for KLM from May 2*** to Oct 2***.

    Computer Knowledge

    -Microsoft Word
    -Excel, Access, PowerPoint
    -Windows and Internet

    Trainings Attended

    -Professional Sales Training by **** for Duty Free Sales
    -Professional Sales training at **** for Computer Hardware / Software’s and Technical Training in Laptops and Hand Held PC’s
    -Training for Positive Attitude by ****


    -BCA from UVZ in 2***.

    Personal Details

    -DOB: 7th June, 19XX
    -Languages known: English, Hindi.
    -Address: XYZ