Sample Visa invitation letter for relatives

Sample Visa invitation letter for relatives

This letter is to certify that I (Henrietta Smith) have invited Annabel Wilson to spend her vacation with me at London, UK this year. I am a UK citizen and I have resided at London for the past 10 years. I live at 350, Olympic Boulevard, Saks Avenue in Kensington. I am a professor at in the Department of Business Administration at the London School of Economics.

Annabel is coming to visit me for a family vacation. We plan to visit famous sights in London such as the Elizabeth Tower and the Westminster Abbey. We will also be attending conferences and seminars on personal health and fitness at London during her vacation. The duration of her visit will be from June 1st 2014 to September 7th 2014. I will be bearing all her travelling,

living and accommodation expenses during her stay at London. Annabel is my niece and she will be staying at my residence for the entire period of her vacation at London. She will leave London on the evening of September 7th, 2014. Her particulars are listed below:

Name: Annabel Marie Wilson

Date of Birth: 24/01/1983

Address: 400, Sixth Avenue, 15th Floor, New York (NY) 101183299.

Telephone: +1-213-280-4800

Occupation: Journalist (Senior Editor at the New York Times)

Relationship: Niece (Daughter of my sister).

Citizenship status: US citizen

Please contact me in case any further details are required.
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  • Sample Visa invitation letter for relatives

    I am writing to confirm that I would like to invite Ananya Arora, my sister to the United States. Anaya is an Indian and is born on 18th October 1980. The purpose of her visit is to attend the function organized in my office to honor me. Along with the event she intends to visit the places of the interest in the US. The duration of her visit will be from July 1st 2014 to October 17th 2014.

    I am working as a Senior Financial Analyst with JP Investments from last seven years. Please find enclosed my work experience certificate and a letter confirming my job status with JP Investments.

    As a part of my invitation, I will take care of all the financial expenses that will occur during the course of stay. I would prefer to pay for the air ticket fare and all other expenses during the course of stay such as housing, food and others.

    My sister will be staying with me ay my house during her stay at 12 Alfred Street, 3rd Floor in Los Angeles. I have enclosed the proof of my residence. She will be returning back to India on 1st October 2014, prior to the expiration date of her visa stay in the United States. She, in any case, has no plans and intentions to reside beyond the approved visa date in the United States.

    In the meantime, if there is any other information I can provide you, please contact me at 98000-00000.