Shipping clerk CV sample - shipping clerk CV formats / templates

An effective CV of a payroll clerk should highlight following qualities:
- Effective communication skills
- Accuracy
- Multitasking
- Ability to work under pressure with deadlines

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  • Shipping clerk CV sample

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    Career Goal

    “Seeking a bright, innovative and challenging career in Import and Export Industry wherein there is an ample scope for an Individual to grow and to utilize extensive administrative, customer service, shipping, manufacturing, and excellent coordination skills.”

    Career Summary

    -Having enriched experience of more than xx years as a shipping clerk in one of the leading logistics organization.
    -Ability to complete tasks in timely manner.
    -Excellent time management skills, excellent team player and able to work under pressure.
    -Computer literate with efficiency to work with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Power point etc.
    -Ability to perform data entry duties into operational systems.
    -Effective communication skills to coordinate with service technicians.

    Professional Experience

    -Currently Working as a Shipping Clerk with XYZ Limited, Since December 20xx- Till Date.
    -Worked as Despatch officer with XYZ Logistics, from April 20xx- December 20xx.
    -Worked as an Import and Export Assistant with XYZ Limited from April 20xx- March 20xx.

    Roles & Responsibilities

    -Check the available stock in warehouse every day.
    -Accept shipping request from planner and check the material availability in warehouse as per shipping request.
    -If material is available then stuff the container which are arrange by planner.
    -Prepare delivery note on SAP, in that mention weight and dimension of material. As per this document finance prepare Invoice.
    -When the invoices received from finance department we have to check that it is as per delivery note.
    -Planner pans the forwarder. We hand over the documents and material to the forwarder.
    -The document details like invoice Number, AWB number, docket Number, customer details all those information keep in one file.
    -Accept the orders from purchaser check the order quantity.
    -Give the copy of the order to the forklift driver for arrange the material from the warehouse.
    -Note the label number which is on material.
    -Create the Invoice on SAP for the material and load the particular material on Truck for dispatch.
    -The dispatch is going on through JIT (Just in Time) system so we need to dispatch the material within time period given by purchaser.
    -Preparing the invoices for the Import and export of material.
    -Before export the material check the packaging of the material.
    -Arrange the Documents related to import and Export like ARE 1, Quality Certificate etc. and also communicate with CHA.
    -Prepared Invoices and packing list as per Performa invoice for export.
    -Handel various document like Tr 6, Bill of Entry, Bill of Lading.ETC.
    -Arrange courier or any other logistics facility Through CHA or Freight forwarder.
    -Letters required for T.T. such as letter of request to the bank for foreign remittance, A1 and A2 as per requirement, declaration and undertaking all this documents prepare as per Performa invoice from importer.
    -Arrange the bond With Excise office against bank guaranty.
    -Prepare CT-1 form as per purchaser ordered material.
    -Prepare Pre Shipment Invoices and packing list as per store management reported.
    -Check A.R.E.1 form where as material value, duty calculated, and address of seller.
    -Arrange vehicle to transport the material.
    -Submit POE (Proof of Export) In Excise office In this task take Follow - up of CHA (Custom House Agent) for the documents require for POE. Such as Shipping Bill (Export Promotion Copy), Tax Invoice (Transporter copy), A.R.E. 1, Custom Attested Pre-shipment Invoice. Etc.
    -Prepare post shipment invoice by arranging various documents like exchange control copy, certificate of origin.(GSP), bill of lading.
    -Prepare Service Order in SAP (ME21N) as per quotation given by CHA.
    -Prepare Service Sheet Entry (GRIN) in SAP. ( ML81N )
    -Payments passing in this task , checked the Bills of CHA as per service purchase order or make a change in Service Order as per bill. Next step is allotted the Service Sheet Entry Number to every item in Service Order.
    -Prepared Payment requisition and submit these original documents to Account department and take follow-up for the CHA payment Cheques.

    Academic Credentials

    -Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from XYZ University, 20xx.
    -Higher Secondary from ABC Board, 20xx.
    -Senior Secondary from ABC Board,20xx.


    -AutoCAD 2000 2D & 3D.
    -Safe Work Practices (SWP).
    -Loss Prevention System (LPS).
    -Loss Prevention Observation (LPO).
    -SAP Certification

    System Knowledge

    -Tally 9.0


    Personal Details

    -DOB: 07-08-19xx.
    -Language Known: English, Hindi, German
    -Address: XYZ