How to enable coupons so customers can get discounts


How to enable coupons so customers can get discounts


With coupons, customers can purchase a gift certifi cate which entitles them to money off a future purchase.  

To use the feature, we of course have to install the module; it is already built into the e-Commerce module, so we just need to check the box to enable it in the Modules page.

Once it is installed we have a new product type, which is Gift Certifi cate. Let's create one and see how it works.

The options available are the same as with the other products; we can enter a name, a description, a price, as well as other options relating to the other modules we have installed such as the Role assignments or the User account provision. The difference with how this module works is that if we set the price to $0.00, then the customer can choose the amount for the voucher.

  Book Excerpt: Selling Online with Drupal e-Commerce
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This excerpt from Selling Online with Drupal e-Commerce   by Michael Peacock, is printed with permission from Packt Publishing, Copyright 2007. 

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Doug wants customers t o be able to choose their own value of gift certifi cate so let's create a gift certifi cate with no value and then see it in action. We see the name and description and we see the Amount is a changeable textbox, where we can enter the amount we wish.


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