20 cgi programming interview questions and answers


CGI programming interview questions and answers

1. Write a program to show the process of spawning a child process
2.What is the main function of fork() in CGI programming?
3.What are the reasons that cookie server can’t handle multiple connections?
4.Write a program that shows the distinction between child and parent process - Delphi
5.What is the difference between Java and CGI?
6.What are the different instances used in CGI overhead?
7.What are the different ways to run CGI?
8.What is the function of CGIWrap in CGI programming?
9.Write a program to decode the data in the Form using CGI programming
10.What are the three groups involved in information sharing?
11.What are the steps involved in configuring a server using CGI programming?
12.Explain the internal working of CGI
13.What are the steps involved in reading a CGI script on the server?
14.What does CGI program store?
15.What are the steps involved when the CGI program starts running?
16.Write a CGI program to show the header part?
17.What is the function of virtual documents in CGI programs?
18.What are the functions that can be performed using CGI program?
19.What is the main function of cookie server? - CGI programming
20.What are the strategies followed for multiple form interaction in CGI programs?

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