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1)   Glossodoris rufomaculatus , Goniobranchus annulatus, Hypselodoris nigrostriata , and Hoplodoris flammea are
- Published on 02 Aug 16

a. Sea Slugs
b. Plants
c. Insects
d. Fishes
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ANSWER: Sea Slugs


  • Four species of sea slugs never before sighted in India was found at Vizhinjam, India.
  • The four new species of sea slugs, including Glossodoris rufomaculatus , Goniobranchus annulatus, Hypselodoris nigrostriata , and Hoplodoris flammea, were reported from the near-shore rocky reef areas between Kovalam and Mulloor in the Vizhinjam bay.
  • Known scientifically as opisthobranchs, sea slugs are the most colourful marine animals mostly found in reef-associated areas.
  • Unlike other organisms of their phylum Mollusca which possess a hard external skeleton, sea slugs have a rudimentary shell inside or none at all.
  • Several novel medicines, including anticancer drugs have been developed from sea slugs.

2)   Which of the following are considered as bovines?

1) Yak
2) Cow
3) Buffalo

- Published on 18 May 16

a. 1, 2
b. 2, 3
c. 1, 3
d. All of the above
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ANSWER: All of the above


  • The biological subfamily Bovinae includes a diverse group of 10 genera of medium to large-sized ungulates, including domestic cattle, bison, African buffalo, the water buffalo, the yak, and the four-horned and spiral-horned antelopes.
  • Some bovines are – cattle (cow), bison, oxen, buffalo, yak, water buffalo, Gaur, Gayal, etc.
  • In most countries, bovids are used for food. Cattle are eaten almost everywhere, but in parts of India and Nepal they are considered sacred by most Hindus.

3)   Which of the following is also called a Tarantula?
- Published on 10 Feb 16

a. Deer
b. Snake
c. Mouse
d. Spider
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ANSWER: Spider


  • Tarantulas are a type of Spiders. Spider and Tarantula share many things, while certain characters are strangely different in tarantulas from the spiders.
  • Tarantulas are usually larger than many of the spiders.
  • Not all the spiders are necessarily hairy-bodied, whereas tarantulas are always.
  • The herbivores are present among spiders albeit, not among tarantulas.
  • The lifespan is very long and economic value as a pet is very high for tarantulas compared to spiders. Most species of tarantulas are not dangerous to humans, and some species have become popular in the exotic pet trade.

4)   Which of the following pollutants are included to measure Air Quality index?

1) Sulphur dioxide.
2) Carbon Dioxide.
3) Carbon monoxide

- Published on 09 Feb 16

a. Only 1 and 3
b. Only 2 and 3
c. Only 1and 2
d. All of the Above
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ANSWER: Only 1 and 3


  • In India, there are six AQI categories, namely Good, Satisfactory, Moderately polluted, Poor, Very Poor, and Severe.
  • The AQI considers eight pollutants (PM10, PM2.5, NO2, SO2, CO, O3, NH3, and Pb)
  • Cities in North India have air 2-3 times worse than those in South.
  • Bengaluru had the cleanest air among those studied.

5)   New indigenously-developed eco-friendly cament has been developed in India called as
- Published on 27 Jan 16

a. Portland Cement
b. Clean Cement
c. Geocement
d. Green Cement
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ANSWER: Geocement

Kiran Global Chems Ltd. has introduced its indigenously-developed eco-friendly Geocement which, the company claims, will play a role in cutting carbon emission levels while being stronger than Portland cement. Geocement will have a direct impact on bringing down the emissions levels significantly. For every tonne of cement production, there will be about 800 kg of CO2 emission. Though some countries have been engaged in development and piloting of green cement, Kiran Global Chems are the first one to come out with green cement for commercial use. Geocement, which is made out of industrial wastes, comes in two-part packing - 35 kg Geocement powder and 15 kg Geobinder liquid. Both can be mixed at construction sites like normal cement.

6)   A new bee species called ‘solitary bee’ species was recently discovered in
- Published on 27 Jan 16

a. Agastyamalai Biosphere Reserve
b. Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve
c. Nandadevi National Park
d. Sundarbans Biosphere Reserve
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ANSWER: Sundarbans Biosphere Reserve

A ‘solitary bee’ species was recently discovered in the Sundarbans Biosphere Reserve. The 6.2-mm-long bee, named Braunsapis chandrai , is black in colour and has punctured legs. What makes it distinct from other species of solitary bees is the different patterns of the marks on its face and frontal region. The 96 species of bees of the genus Braunsapis do not make combs as common honeybees do. Solitary in nature, they nest in stems and twigs independently. Scientists have collected the specimen of the species, a holotype male from Dabanki in the Sunderbans Biosphere Reserve. The new species plays a significant role in pollination.

7)   Which of the following is/are true about International Solar Alliance?
- Published on 27 Jan 16

a. International Solar Alliance (ISA) has only the countries lying completely between Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn.
b. International Solar Alliance has only the countries lying partially between Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn.
c. Both 1 and 2
d. Any country can join ISA
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ANSWER: Any country can join ISA

International Solar Alliance is an Indian initiative. It is an alliance of 121 solar resource rich countries lying fully or partially between the tropic of Cancer and tropic of Capricorn. However the provisional members list also includes countries beyond the tropics. ISA was jointly launched by the Prime Minister of India and the President of France on 30 November 2015 at Paris, France on the side-lines of the 21st Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Representatives from around 70 countries including more than 30 Heads of the States and Heads of the Government level participated in the ISA launch ceremony.

8)   International Solar Alliance is an initiative started by
- Published on 27 Jan 16

a. India
b. France
c. USA
d. UK
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International Solar Alliance is an Indian initiative. It is an alliance of 121 solar resource rich countries. India offered to host ISA at the premises of National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE) in Gurgaon. Interim Secretariat of ISA will be at NISE.

9)   Headquarters of International Solar Alliance are in
- Published on 27 Jan 16

a. Mumbai
b. Gurgaon
c. Chennai
d. Jaipur
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ANSWER: Gurgaon

International Solar Alliance will be the First International and Inter-Governmental Organization of 121 Countries to have Headquarters in India. ISA has been envisioned as a specialized platform and will contribute towards the common goal of increasing utilization and promotion of solar energy and solar applications in its member countries. The Paris declaration on International Solar Alliance states that the countries share the collective ambition to undertake innovative and concerted efforts for reducing the cost of finance and cost of technology for immediate deployment of competitive solar generation, financial instruments to mobilise more than 1000 Billion US Dollars of investments needed by 2030 for the massive deployment of affordable solar energy and to pave the way for future solar generation, storage and good technologies for countries’ individual needs.

10)   Whales breathe through
- Published on 25 Jan 16

a. Blowhole on their back
b. Gills
c. Skin and fins
d. Both a and b
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ANSWER: Blowhole on their back

Whales breathe through a 'blow hole' situated on their back, they do not breathe through gills. Opening their mouths (like most dying fish do) really does not help a whale breathe. Only pouring sea water continuously on them when on land can help them stay alive.

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