• 7 High Paying Skills for the Future
    7 Skills for the future that you might try gaining to have higher chances to give your career a boost, earn more money and be more happy. These skills would be a must have in retaining jobs in the future.
    Business   * 4059 views

  • 5 Part Time Business Ideas
    Not all part time business need you to invest money. Find some part time business ideas that you can start with zero investment.
    Business   * 3321 views

  • 7 Important HR Interview Questions after the Pandemic
    New HR Interview Questions have come up post the Pandemic. In addition to the regular questions, interviewers have also been asking a little different type of questions since we started working remotely.
    Business   * 1805 views

  • 6 Best Courses for Freshers & Working Professionals
    The world is changing fast. Old skills will no longer be in demand. Find out "6 Best Courses for Freshers & Working Professionals to earn a High Salary" and get ready for the future.
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  • 9 Business Ideas for Housewives - Startup Ideas
    Women can do a lot even being at home also. Find out 9 such business ideas with no investment that you can start from your home. They don’t even need any high educational qualification.
    Business   * 1418 views

  • Tips to find online jobs
    Finding an online job is a skill. Master it with us as we get you these tips.
    Business   * 1392 views

  • Elder Care Business Idea - Senior Care Business Idea
    Find why elder care or senior care business is the need of the hour and how can you start one. Also find the qualities you require to succeed in this business and the reasons for failure.
    Business   * 1347 views

  • How to crack Campus Placement Test?
    All the students who want a high paying job in their campus placement must see this video. Here, we'll discuss a well laid out and easy plan to crack the aptitude section of your campus placement test.
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  • How to identify online job scams?
    Protect yourself from job scams. Knowing this is more important than struggling to find an online job.These tips help you save your hard earned money from job scams.
    Business   * 1268 views

  • How to earn money with Meesho?
    Find the tips to increase your customer base for reselling through Meesho. Very useful for housewives and everyone else interested in selling, reselling and earning money online.
    Business   * 1251 views

  • 7 Service Business Ideas with low investment
    In this video, we get you service based business ideas with low investment both for men and women. You can do these businesses even if you are not very qualified.
    Business   * 1075 views

  • 9 Best Part Time Jobs for College Students
    Find out “9 Best Part time jobs for College and 12th Pass students”. These jobs are available in every city and don’t need any computer skills.
    Business   * 1001 views

  • PMEGP Loan Scheme
    Find complete information about PMEGP Loan Scheme – Process, Eligibility, Subsidy, Reasons for rejection etc.
    Business   * 980 views

  • How to increase Online Sales?
    If you sell products online and wish to increase your sales, this video is going to be very useful to you. Find out about Facebook Market and other ways to sell through Facebook.
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  • 7 Tips to crack your Online Interview
    Learn the tips to crack your online interview. Whether it is a Skype Interview, Zoom Interview or an interview through any other platform, these tips do matter.
    Business   * 963 views

  • Solar Energy Business Ideas
    Solar energy is the future. Find out various business opportunities that arise with increasing advancements in the field of Solar Energy. Also find out various training programs like Suryamitra (SSDP), Solar Energy program run by the government.
    Business   * 923 views

  • Waste Management Business Ideas
    Waste Management is a a business of making money from waste. Find some profitable business ideas and also the training programs that train you to deal with solid waste, plastic waste, e-waste, agricultural waste etc.
    Business   * 916 views

  • Bamboo brings in a lot of business opportunities
    Bamboo, a strong pillar of Green Economy brings in a lot of business opportunities. Find out some profitable business ideas that you can execute with Bamboo. Also find the right training places to acquire the required skills.
    Business   * 859 views

  • Dairy farming - a profitable business
    Find out various new age business ideas you can do with your dairy produce and the right place to get your training from.
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