China - A threat to India?

China has been in the news for various reasons, sometimes for the Chinese intrusion on the Indian Territory and sometimes for other reasons which have become a part of concern for the government of India.


- China is the largest country in the East Asia and India needs many more years to catch up with it.
- China is world’s third largest and fastest growing economy.
- It has the world’s largest standing army with the second largest defence budget.
- It is world’s second largest exporter and third largest importer of goods.
- China has excelled us in all the ways be it infrastructure, growing economies, sustainable development etc.
- Now China has also started claiming some of the India’s border which is a worrying situation for India.

- May be China has a large army but they don’t have experience which India has.
- India has more favorable diplomatic situation in the world.
- Chinese economy is dependent on exports to a great extent, if it tries to disrupt peace in India or any other part of the world, its market would suffer.
- Inability to converse fluently in English is one of the major problems chinese face - which will still take some years for them to work on.

Though China is becoming powerful by building its infrastructure etc., it not a threat to India.
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  • RE: China - A threat to India? -Deviram (03/19/15)
  • No china iis not threten to india if china threten to india there may be a chances of arguments and issus with boarder areas but there is no such incedent happen,moreoverly some news says china sholuders are tryinng to ocupy some border between india and china that is right but after some days both nations have tied up with an agremns and frankly in my point of view they want prove theire energy and level with this small distrubences,by that this is an one issue and not a problem so that china is not threten to india.
  • RE: China - A threat to India? -magh (03/09/15)
  • china ,,its not the threat ,,its just playing a mind game,,,,of pakistan, international boundaries,,making port around india as string of pearls to control indias growth and supreme.
    1. its using ,,,,dushman ka dushman ,,dost as pakistan,,,,,
    2 the strategic method,,,like ,,dams on bharmputra, ports in nearby countries ,arunachal ,, aksi chin, naxalism involment . so we have to plan smartly and effectively.
    3. india should make stand in ASEAN , BRIC , SAARC , TO show china, the world largest human resource country, have attracted the world ,, so we should take benefit in a effective manner, n
    lets be united ,,,,, rise above religion ,caste ,,,,n implement things to show the world not china...
  • RE: China - A threat to India? -Binit (03/07/15)
  • india has emerging a good country in asia,india has bright future in it sector,it's may a threat for china.
  • RE: China - A threat to India? -rahul (03/02/15)
  • india should play like a smart player now,,,,,,,,,like china
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