Corporate Training Manager CV Sample - Corporate Training Manager CV formats / templates

An effective CV of a store manager should highlight following qualities:

- Good subject knowledge
- High Self confidence
- Patience
- Tolerance
- Ability to explain things
- Good listening skills
- Humorous
- Analytical and problem solving
- Clear voice with good communication and interpersonal skills

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  • RE: Corporate Training Manager CV Sample - Corporate Training Manager CV formats / templates -Shashank Chaturvedi (09/04/12)
  • Training director CV sample

    Akash Singh
    Mobile No.: +919933******

    Training Director


    To be a Training Director at an institution where my skills and experience will used and the rigorous responsibilities that comes with the job will instigate me to perform better.

    Career Summary

    -Experienced in coordinating the vocational training programs covering income generation stream programs especially in rural area.
    -Experienced in supervising use of logistics to manage huge training sessions such as field trips, special events, classroom exercises etc.
    -Experience of holding a place of Technical Director in Government Directed Vocational Training Program in Rural Areas
    -Technically sound knowledge of modern and ancient values of life
    -Warm and friendly behavior which proves to be an asset in conducting such training sessions
    -Superior facilitation and instructor skills.


    -Capable of excellent coaching and coordinating motivational training sessions.
    -Superior facilitation and instructor skills.
    -Demonstrated proficiency in composing written communications
    -Excellent Interpersonal skills to behave in a best possible ways with the visitors in the company
    -Proficient in the use of Microsoft Windows and Office software, a calculator and a copier

    Personality Traits

    -Persuasive & Team leader
    -Warm, friendly and engaging personality
    -Ability to work hard and smart
    -Ability to work for late hours with full efficiency

    Employment/Training History

    -Training Director (2007 to 2010) Gov. Vocational Training Program.
    -Training Director (2010-Present) ASDF Trainers


    -Captain of College Cricket Team
    -Head Boy of University for whole academic Session
    -Lead college in various Inter School Debate Competitions and won prizes.
    -Actively volunteered in seminars and fests organized in college and came out with flying colors.


    -HSC (Science Stream) - 1992 (EFGH Board, New Delhi) - 91%
    -SSC (PCM, English) - 1994 (EFGH Board, New Delhi) - 87%
    -PGDM (Human Resource) - 2004, ASDF University of Management- 67%

    Personal Details

    Date of Birth: DD/MM/YYYY
    Languages Known: Hindi, English, and German
    Permanent Address: QWERTYUIOP
  • RE: Corporate Training Manager CV Sample - Corporate Training Manager CV formats / templates -Vidushi Sharma (08/21/12)
  • Training manager cv sample

    Priyank Desai
    Email: p******
    Phone: 98**********

    Career Summary

    -Result oriented professional with 9 years of experience in the field of Learning and development.
    -Proficient at managing & leading teams for running successful Training operations.
    -Rich experience of developing procedures, service standards for business excellence.
    -Well versed with Team Management in the Service / BPO/ ITES, Telecom & Customer Service industry.

    Key Competencies

    -Training specialist in managing & developing organization capability, OD interventions.
    -Employee Development on Training & Retention
    -Setting up Training Teams, Trainer Transitioning, Hiring Developing Trainers.
    -Client Management, Training Delivery and Content Development Aspects.
    -TTT, Trainer Certifications, Training Audits, Feedbacks and Trainer Life cycle Development.
    -Training Operations / Business L&D role & deliverables, understanding business & aligning goals
    -Industry Training Practices, Metrics & TNA
    -Customer, People & Team Management

    Key Responsibilities Handled

    -Manage a team of Trainers,Coaches,MIS spocs,Vendor Trainers and Deputy Mgrs.(Currently managing a team of 18 members)
    -Collate daily, weekly and monthly report for timely reviews and Audits.
    -Design, develop and ensure adherence to Training Content
    -Plan and execute Training calendar for various “Training related programs”.
    -Coach Trainers and Voice Coaches on presentation skills and domain knowledge and Feedback Process.
    -Appraise trainers for the 6 monthly/yearly review cycle and constant feedback on a regular basis.
    -Create individual/Trainer development plans and identify training needs.
    -Conduct Training need Analysis for various Lines of Business across the deal.
    -Resolve all people issues escalated by the Trainers.
    -Determine the satisfaction levels of the training team and identify means of positively impacting the same.

    Key Projects Handled

    Project #1: Learning & Development
    -Establishment and running of a robust learning need diagnostic process for client trainings Operations.
    -Training Need Identification… linking to PDP and goal sheet, Analysis? & Training Calendar
    -Analysis of Objectives of Trainings and result expected – Return on Investment.
    -Coordinating with Firm function training team and looking at imparting training like soft skills, presentation

    Project #2: Training Projects
    -Competency building, set up 4 successful Training Transition, hire Develop Trainers.
    -Partnered with different Vertical heads and Firm HR team to create, develop, implement? & manage learning & development initiatives, chalk out Training progressions

    and TNI’s.
    -Set up the Bridge Training model for hiring below notch voice profiles and create a extended Learning calendar to accommodate and develop profiles with advance skills

    and voice capabilities.

    Project #3: Analytics, MIS and Metrics
    -Conceptualizing, designing? & implementing of the analytics & metrics to effectively measure & analyze various HR activities
    -Attrition Analysis – various cuts, process wise, leader wise, reason wise, tenure wise, age wise, qualification? & exp wise
    -Exit Interview Feedback Analysis? & Action Plan
    -Training Metrics – detailed analysis, process wise training data, nature of training program, effectiveness, return on investment.


    -Received several Appreciation Letters.
    -Won Awards for Best Performance.
    -Received awards in regards to contribution made to the training team.


    -Working as a Manager Training for ACD from Nov 2***.
    -Worked as a Process Trainer for KLM from May 2*** to Oct 2***.

    Education Resource Management from XYZ in 2***.
    -Bachelor of Arts from UVZ in 2***.

    Personal Details

    -DOB: 8th July, 19XX
    -Languages known: English, Hindi.
    -Address: VCD
  • RE: Corporate Training Manager CV Sample - Corporate Training Manager CV formats / templates -Rajvardhan Rane (08/20/12)
  • Corporate training manager cv sample

    A/32,Plot no.7,
    Near vidya garden,
    Telephone: +91 9954******
    KK Road,Pune
    Email: Mo****

    Career summary

    -5 years of experience in the field of training & development in all aspects of organization like Marketing Management, Production, Total Quality Management, Human

    Resource Management and Industrial Management , Strategic Management ,Operational Management and Project Management.
    -Gone through a formal training in Project management, TQM, Benchmarking, Evolving Sales and Marketing plan
    -The ability to relate to staff at all levels

    Core competencies

    -Total Quality Management (TQM),
    -Project Management,
    -Strategic Management,
    -Teaching & training
    -Change Management

    Key responsibilities handled

    -Assessing Needs of training through basis job analysis, appraisal schemes and consulting with human resources departments
    -accordingly preparing training calendar on monthly and yearly
    -Taking weekly workshops on various concepts to make employees aware of new techniques in their respective fields
    -Also providing cross functional knowledge so that it helps in better working of organization and departments
    -Managing the training budget as returns through the programme is important
    -To prepare content of training with different department heads to cover all aspects needed during training
    -To Assess individual as well as and the overall training programme
    -Managing ongoing development process for the staff after their appraisal process
    -Devising a training strategy for the organization
    -Designing career development for all positions which helps in succession planning
    -Preparing reports of the programme and submitting to top management and making sure that the implementation of the concepts taught are made in the organisation


    1. DB Industries from 20** - till date as Corporate Training Manager
    2. AB Pvt. Ltd from 20** to 20**
    3. XYZ company ltd from 19** to 20**


    -Best trainer in DEF industry of the year
    -Achieved success in development of employees and enhancing their skills resulting into increase in productivity of the company
    -Helped in retention of blue collars as helped them in development of their skills
    -Invited to give public seminar and training for various managers from different industries on Project Management

    Academic qualifications

    -Certified Trainer from XYZ
    -Post Graduate in Human Resource Management from XYZ college of management.
    -Graduate in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics from ABC University.

    Personal Details

    -Date of Birth : 07.12.19XX
    -Languages Know : English, Hindi, and Marathi