Kindergarten teacher CV Sample- Kindergarten teacher CV formats / templates

An effective CV of a kindergarten teacher should highlight following qualities:

- Loves children
- Patient
- Kind
- Caring
- Understanding
- Good understanding
- Promotes active listening
- Believe in continuous self development
- Well organized
- Has a want for children to grow
- Manages the classroom effectively

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  • RE: Kindergarten teacher CV Sample- Kindergarten teacher CV formats / templates -Kshipra (09/29/12)
  • Anuradha XXXXX
    Phone: +91-99*********
    E-mail: anu****

    Career Goal

    To put in self developed expertise acquired from my past experience to a challenging educator position.

    Educational Backgrounds

    - Pursuing M.A (English) from ABC University.
    - Nursery Teachers Training (N.T.T) from ABC Institute in the year 20XX
    - Graduate in B.A. from ABC University
    - HSC from CBSE in 20XX
    - SSC from CBSE in 20XX

    Professional Experience

    - Worked as a faculty member in ABC Training Institute during the period November 20XX to November 20XX.
    - Have a experience of teaching kindergarten children at XYZ School for more than 4 years.

    Responsibilities handled as Teacher

    - Planning and carrying out the daily activities and overall preschool kindergarten program, individualize the children progress and make them eligible for upper grade.
    - Supervise other teaching stuffs, organizing workers and volunteers, recording the progress report and behavioural reports of children, counselling with the parents.
    - Have an expertise quality to spell the topic with interests and music application to make learning fun.

    Personal Details

    Date of Birth:
    Nationality :
  • RE: Kindergarten teacher CV Sample- Kindergarten teacher CV formats / templates -Kshipra (09/29/12)
  • Kindergarten teacher CV sample

    Manisha XXXX
    E-mail: man***
    Phone: +91-98********

    Career Objective

    Being associated with an organisation, where my skills, knowledge, professional expertise and analytical approach makes me a vital team player in contributing to the organisation’s objectives

    and helps me build a strong and successful career.

    Personal Qualities

    - Sensitive towards small children
    - Ability to ascertain the needs of small children
    - Ability to make the children understand various new concepts
    - Loving and caring
    - Effective communication skills,

    Professional Qualifications

    Montessori/K.G. Teachers Diploma from XYZ

    Educational Qualifications

    - 20XX – BSc – XYZ University – Y%
    - 20XX – HSC – ABC Board – Z%
    - 20XX – SSC – ABC Boards – X%

    Professional Experience

    Jun.20XX-Apr.20XX – XYZ Pre-School

    Job Responsibilities

    - Taking the classes to improve children’s fine motor skills
    - Make the children identify carious colours, shapes, objects
    - Introduce the concepts of up-down, small – big , ascending order, descending order
    - Work on children’s writing skills
    - Arrange the sports days, annual function of the school and preparing children for them
    - Reviewing children’s performance and discussing it with parents in the PTM.


    Gardening, Baking, Knitting, Craft and Reading Fictional & Non- Fictional Books/Articles.

    Personal Profile

    Date of Birth:
    Languages known:
  • RE: Kindergarten teacher CV Sample- Kindergarten teacher CV formats / templates -Kshipra (09/29/12)
  • Kindergarten teacher CV sample

    Risha XXXX
    Mob. No. 99********
    E-mail- rish****


    To work in a challenging & dynamic environment & to keep values adding to the Organization, which I represent my academic background, leadership skills, ability to work in a group &

    analytical skills, will definitely be an additional advantage.

    Work Experience

    - Presently Teaching to Kindergarten, XYZ School since June 20XX till date.
    - Worked in as a nursery teacher in New Dimension School from July 2007-Feb 2008

    Additional Experience

    Duration : 6 years (from 20XX to 20XX)
    Profile : Home Tutor

    Academic Qualification

    - Applied for B.Ed in Nov.20XX
    - B.Com from XYZ University

    Practical Training Undertaken

    - X-seed (idiscoveri innovative teaching) from the trainers of XYZ
    The training takes the teachers through observing, delivering, assessing and evaluating their own teaching; and eventually adapting it their student specific needs.

    - CEON ( iSchool training )
    iSchool is an intelligent, powerful, fully integrated online solution to enhance the quality of education and administration of school.

    Extra Curriculum

    - Organized different Programmes on a large scale for Kindergarten.
    - Organized Grand Diya Exhibition in Bhopal.
    - Participated in elocution, March Past, Dancing & Singing activity in School.

    Personal Highlights

    Date of Birth :
    Languages Known:

  • RE: Kindergarten teacher CV Sample- Kindergarten teacher CV formats / templates -Shobhna bhati (09/25/12)
  • Kindergarten teacher CV sample

    Pallavi XXXXX
    Contact Number: +91-XXXXXX
    Mail Id:


    An experienced kindergarten teacher looking a job change with a well known organization where I can use my knowledge and skills for the development of the students and good reputation of the



    -Good knowledge of children’s psychology.
    -Sound knowledge of childhood education.
    -Get interacted with children very soon.
    -Flexible to work in all situation.
    -Polite and kind nature.

    Professional Experience

    Working XXXXX organization since XXXX to till date (2 years)

    Job summary

    -Teaching nursery class student basics like counting, color identification, shapes etc.
    -Playing games with the students.
    -Teaching student to work and play in group.
    -Teaching using pictured charts, toys, and shapes.
    -Teaching children along with games to make it attractive and interesting.
    -Working for their mental and social development.
    -Observe the behavior of students and working on that for their improvement.
    -Preparing syllabus and teaching techniques for children.
    -Observing their performance and grasping power individually.
    -Planning development program accordingly.
    -Coordinating with parents for giving feedback and report about their child.
    -Keeping reports of all the children.


    -Bachelors degree with science and mathematics from XXXX University with XX %.
    -Higher secondary from XXXX Board in year XXXX.
    -High school passed from XXXX board in year XXXX.


    Singing, Dancing, Playing indoor games, and listening music.

    Personal details

    Date of birth: XX-XX-XXXX
    Languages known: English and Hindi
    Address: XXXXXX