Military Officer CV Sample - Military Officer CV formats / templates

An effective CV of an intelligence officer should highlight following qualities:

- Clear thinking
- Decisiveness - ability to take difficult decisions
- Compassion
- Diplomatic
- Determination
- Discipline
- Leadership skills
- Calm under pressure
- Brave

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  • RE: Military Officer CV Sample - Military Officer CV formats / templates -Rev Mutazindwa Richard Amooti J O 2 RTD. (08/11/16)
  • Thank you very much was able to be helped by your guidence. Now I can write a good cv.greeting and blessings from Uganda.
  • RE: Military Officer CV Sample - Military Officer CV formats / templates -Shashank Chaturvedi (09/06/12)
  • Military officer CV sample

    Shamshad Khan
    Mobile No.: +919933******

    Military Officer


    To be responsible Military Officer and help the organization by my extensive and invaluable set of skills which I have learned through a very long tenure of serving the defense department of

    my country

    Career Summary

    -14 Years of Experience of being a Defense Counselor and Military Ammunitions Incharge
    -Well known name for strict and disciplinary completion of task may it be a border/civil task
    -Proven Strong leadership skills which helped force in coming out with flying colors
    -Maintained proper integrity of XYZ Military
    -Earned special skills like managing a vast pool of crew, training people from different states etc
    -Utilizes creative abilities to increase firm recognition and branding in the firm


    -Skilled in supervising Juniors and making them learn strong values of integrity and discipline
    -Proficient in English, Spanish and German Languages
    -Demonstrated proficiency in composing written communication
    -Excellent Interpersonal skills to create a enthusiastic ambience in among crew
    -Capable of maintaining privacy

    Personality Traits

    -Persuasive & Team leader
    -Warm, friendly and engaging personality
    -Outstanding loyalty and commitment to the media and company
    -Ability to work hard and smart
    -Ability to work for late hours with full efficiency

    Employment/Training History

    -Military Supervisor (2007 to 2010) XYZ Army
    -Ensuring day to day completion of special set of tasks
    -Maintaining discipline and enthusiasm simultaneously
    -Analyzing crew and paid individual attention to attain the uniform productivity of a group
    -Supervised recruitment and other growth focused activities.
    -Mentored crew on behavioral issues at various sections like war, assembly or civil area crisis engagement


    -Captain of College Cricket Team
    -Head Boy of University for whole academic Session
    -Lead college in various Inter School Debate Competitions and won prizes.
    -Actively volunteered in seminars and fests organized in college and came out with flying colors.


    -HSC (Science Stream) - 1992 (EFGH Board, New Delhi) - 91%
    -SSC (PCM, English) - 1994 (EFGH Board, New Delhi) - 87%
    -Combine Defence Training - 2004, ASDF Military Academy - 67%

    Personal Details

    Date of Birth: DD/MM/YYYY
    Languages Known: Hindi, English, and German
    Permanent Address: QWERTYUIOP