Police Officer CV Sample - Police Officer CV formats / templates

An effective CV of a police officer should highlight following qualities:

- High level of integrity
- Loyalty
- Responsibility
- Bravery
- Keen observation
- Sound judgement
- Follows procedures
- Calm under stressful and dangerous situations
- Healthy
- Physical health
- Stamina
- Good eye sight and hearing
- Strong leadership skills

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  • RE: Police Officer CV Sample - Police Officer CV formats / templates -Ishita kispotta (09/27/12)
  • Police officer CV sample

    Mobile: +91-85********

    Career Summary

    -Highly personable and pro-active professional with a keen sense of justice and drive to enforce the law.
    -Provide reassurance to the public.
    -Experienced police officer with positive attitude and possesses a good team spirit.
    -Ability to exercise independent judgment in achieving the police authorities’ vision.
    -Expert in writing comprehensive reports.
    -Provide proactive and dynamic leadership.
    -Effective management and resource allocation.

    Key Skills

    Expert in surveillance and child protection.
    Experience of providing VIP protection.
    Excellent traffic enforcement.
    Community focused.
    Well verse with the rules and regulations of this field.

    Personality Traits

    -Excellent communication and analytical skills.
    -Ability to perform under pressure.
    -Stay calm in emergency situations.
    -Excellent problem solving skills.
    -Hardworking and comfortable in shift working.

    Professional Experience

    Place -Department
    Police Officer
    June 20**-Till Date

    -Protect local people and their property.
    -Helping to reduce and solve crimes.
    -Checking warrants for wanted people.
    -Identifying people responsible for crimes and bringing prosecutions against them.
    -Investigate and prepare reports of anti-social behaviour.
    -Solve in domestic disputes.
    -Manage protection in peace at demonstrations, marches, protests etc.
    -Collect evidences at the scene of a crime.
    -Assist in riot control situations.
    -Transport prisoners from jail to another.
    -Take the prisoners from jail to court.
    -Demonstrate the laws to the public.


    -Recognized for providing solutions in domestic disputes.
    -Achieved as Best Police Officer of Area in 20**.


    -B.A. from “XYZ” in 20**.
    -HSC from “XYZ” in 20**.

    Personal Details

    Date of Birth: 28 Oct 19**.
    Languages known: Hindi and English.
    Address: XYZ.
  • RE: Police Officer CV Sample - Police Officer CV formats / templates -Shashank Chaturvedi (09/17/12)
  • Police officer CV sample

    Ganit XXXXX
    Mobile: +91-99533*****
    Email: Ganit***@hotmail.com

    Career Summary

    -Post completion of two years of Supervised Police Training,employed under AB State Police as in a role such as:
    -Search and Rescue Officer
    -During Riots in ABCD between March 2010-April 2010, rescued civilians in a wide range of emergencies.
    -19 weeks of training at the ABCD Police United Camp in Agra.

    Skill Sets

    -Strict follower of the laws relating to police and traffic work
    -Proficient how the court system works
    -Skilled in observing human behavior
    -Proficient in interviewing, conflict resolution and negotiation.
    -Profound knowledge of police policy and procedures

    Personality Traits

    -Capacity for empathy and compassion
    -Ability to demonstrate courage and to take responsibility
    -Capacity for engaging in teamwork and ability to collaborate
    -Possess and demonstrate integrity
    -Commitment to service / Social concern

    Duties & Responsibilities

    -Involved in Rescue Operations at Dangerous Valleys of Kashmir
    -Active Member of Anti-Trafficking-Squad
    -Checked unsocial activities in Rural Areas of Kashmir
    -Registered FIRs and reported them to Senior Officers.
    -Active Member of Anti Terrorist Squad


    -Won 1st prize in Theatre Concert of XYZ


    -RTG Police Department, CVB City (2009-Present)


    -HSC (ASDF Board) 2001 Commerce Stream 78%
    -SSC (ASDF Board) 2003 Commerce Stream 68%
    -Bachelors (Political Science) 1995-1998 (ABCDEF Institute)74%
    -Masters (Political Science) 1999-2001 (ABCDEF Institute)74%

    Personal Details

    -Date of Birth: DD/MM/YYYY
    -Address: QWERTY