Sample Thank you letter for business partnership

Sample Thank you letter for business partnership

Global Electrical Corporation is now opening its new chain of stories across the Indian subcontinent due to your invaluable business partnership with us. Sabah Electronics Private Limited is a leader in the field of Asian electronics manufacturing. The collaboration of our firm with your company, Sabah Electronics has made it possible for us to venture into Asian markets. It is due to the continued commitment and support from your business partnership with us that Global Electrical Corporation has made a successful foray into the Asian countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka. We are proud to be associated with you and we are certain that our expansion ventures created with your support will be equally successful. Sabah Electronics has paved the way for us at Global Electricals Corporation to be able to understand Asian customs and sensibilities with great sensitivity and deeper understanding. We have opened over 100,000 stores in this year alone at Pakistan and India. We are indebted to all our business partners, with special gratitude to you for making our dream a reality. We had always intended to reach our customers in Asia more directly. Earlier, all our Asian customers were forced to endure massive shipping charges because our products were not available in their countries. Due to your hard work and efforts, we have been able to reach our customers in leading Asian nations. We hope to continue our valuable business partnership with you and look forward to your support and cooperation for our continued success.
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  • RE: Sample Thank you letter for business partnership -Teena Bhatia (03/14/14)
  • Sample Thank you letter for business partnership

    Thanks for investing your precious time with us. It was really good to see the positive response on the mutual association for the upcoming research project between ABC International and XYZ Finance Pvt. Ltd.

    As earlier said in the meeting, ABC International is working on the research project to bring a new product in the market which can help the obese people to shed the excess pounds without any side effects. This product is promising but initially will require an investment to set the production factory. Your company has always encouraged the companies with strong Research and Development team to launch new products in market. I hope that we have been able to deliver our key points about the products and how can it benefit us mutually in the presentation.

    I am available as needed to discuss this subject further with you. Please let me know how you wish to proceed. I am looking forward to a long lasting relationship between ABC International and XYZ Finance Pvt Ltd.