Microsoft technologies interview questions and answers


Microsoft technologies interview questions and answers

C#.NET VB.NET NET Remoting
NET Interview Net Web service NET framework
NET assembly NET code security NET access modifiers
NET architecture NET using XML NET windows communication
NET windows presentation NET windows workflow NET Crystal Reports
ADO.NET OOPS in .NET Sql server
MOSS Cloud computing  Azure 
Latest ASP.NET interview questions and answers

What is Fragment Caching in ASP.NET?
What is the difference between URL and URI?
What is an application domain?
Define LeaseTime, SponsorshipTime, RenewOnCallTime, LeaseManagePollTime.
Explain the types of Caching using Cache object of ASP.NET.
What are benefits and limitations of using Cookies?
What is SQL Cache Dependency in ASP.NET?

Latest sql server interview questions and answers

What is a Trace frag? Where do we use it?
Describe how to use Linked Server.
Explain how to send email from database.
Explain how to make remote connection in database
Difference between cross join and Full outer join.
Explain the purposes of OPENXML clause sql server stored procedure.

Latest C#.NET interview questions and answers

Explain how to add controls dynamically to the form using C#.NET.
Describe the configuration files in .Net. What are different types of configuration files in .Net framework?
Describe the accessibility modifier "protected internal".
What benefit do you get from using a Primary Interop Assembly (PIA)?
How to achieve polymorphism in C#?
What are implementation inheritance and interface inheritance?
How to add a ReadOnly property in C#.NET?

Latest VB.NET interview questions and answers

How do we access crystal reports in .NET?
What do you understand by side-by-site execution of assembly?
How do you install assembly to the Global Assembly Cache?
How to use performance monitor to diagnose bottlenecks in your application?
Describe how to implement globalization and localization in the use interface in .NET.
Explain how to dynamically add items to a menu in .NET.

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