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.Net - how to create a user control

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.Net - Explain with code sample how to create a user control. - June 03, 2009 at 11:00 AM by Shuchi Gauri

Explain with code sample how to create a user control.

Steps to create a User control:

a. Select a project
b. Right click and add a new item (User Control - .ascx) to the selected project.
c. Add @Control Directive
d. Add all the controls that you want to be displayed on the User control as a part of one or more web pages.
e. Write the code for all the tasks to be performed by the user control.
f. Create accessor methods for the outside world accessing this user control.

Using the User control:

Register the control on the webpage it needs to be used by putting @Register directive.

Specify the following attributes to the register directive:
a. TagPrefix: defines the namespace in which the control would reside
b. TagName: defines the name with which control is referred
c. Src: Path of where the control is kept.

Control is then used on the page using the following code:
<TagPrefix:TagName />

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