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.NET delegates and events - Interview questions

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What is an Event?

When an action is performed, this action is noticed by the computer application based on which the output is displayed...............     

Define Delegate.     

Delegates are kind of similar to the function pointers. But they are secure and type-safe...................  

What is the purpose of AddHandler keyword?

The AddHandler statement allows you to specify an event handler. AddHandler has to be used to handle shared events or events from a structure.

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What is event bubbling in .NET?

The passing of the control from the child to the parent is called as bubbling..........

.NET Assembly 

This article explains .Net assembly, private and shared assembly, satellite assemblies, resource-only assembly, ResourceManager class, strong name, global assembly cache.

Model View Controller

we will learn about MVC design patterns, and how Microsoft has made our lives easier by creating the ASP.NET MVC framework for easier adoption of MVC patterns in our web applications............... 

Page Controller Pattern in ASP.NET

Here it shows how a page controller pattern works in ASP.NET.

Describe how the ASP.NET authentication process works.

ASP.NET runs inside the process of IIS due to which there are two authentication layers which exist in the system.............

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