ASP.NET interview notes part 1


ASP.NET interview notes part 1

A journey to ASP.NET interview notes with Nishant Kumar, founder of

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ASP.NET is tool for creating web application and web services.

ASP.NET is server side scripting technology.

ASP.NET is a part of microsoft .net framework.

.NET Framework includes an execution engine called common language runtime, CLR and class library.

Like Asp, ASP.NET also runs inside IIS. It is tightly integrated with the microsoft server, programming, data access, and security tools.

When browser requests an ASP.NET file, IIS passes the request to ASP.NET engine which after having executed the script sends file back to browser as a simple HTML page.

ASP.NET is not backward compatible with classic ASP.

Unlike interpreted classic ASP, ASP.NET is compiled CLR code.

Being part of CLR, it has advantages of early binding, JIT compilation, caching services, garbage collection etc.

ASP.NET uses ADO.NET for data access and is well integrated with VB.NET, C#.Net, Jscript etc.

ASP.NET provides two sets of controls - HTML and server control.

ASP.NET employs a text-based configuration settings and thus, server does't get restarted in case of change in setting.

ASP.NET executes new code on request and thus, server restarts only when new code executes.

ASP.NET  is part of the .NET framework and is made up of several components like Visual Studio .NET Web development tools, System.Web namespaces, Server and HTML controls.   

System.Web namespaces is the part of the .NET Framework that include classes.

Server and HTML controls are the two sets of user-interface components of ASP.NET

Advantages of ASP.NET
Executable of  ASP.NET application is compiled that runs faster than interpreted scripts
Automatic state management for controls
Access to the .NET Framework
Introduction of VB.NET that is evolution version of VB
Fully supports object-oriented programming,
Can create new and customized server controls from existing controls
Built-in security through the windows server or other authentication/authorization methods
Integration with ADO.NET
Full support for XML and CSS
Built-in features for caching frequently requested web pages on the server.

Navigation sequence of ASP.NET web form
IIS starts the ASP.NET worker process that in turn, loads the assembly,
The assembly composes a response to the user and
IIS returns the response to the user in the form of HTML.

ASP.NET web form components
Server controls define the user interface of a Web form and built-in features for saving data.

HTML controls are visual element provided by HTML. They are useful when complete features of server controls are not needed.

Data controls connect to SQL and OLE databases and XML data files.
Examples of such controls are SqlConnection, SqlCommand, OleDbConnection, OleDbCommand, DataSet.

System components provide access to various system-level events that occur on the server. Ex. EventLog, MessageQueue.

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