Multinational corporations: Are they devils in disguise?


- Multinational corporations put in so much pressure on the employees to meet up deadlines. They take double the work from the employees for low salary packages.
- They create lot of competition in the domestic markets.
- Many multinational companies require their employees to work as per their time zones which some times create health disorders
- Their main aim is to maximize profits at low cost.
- The money earned by them finally goes out to their mother countries leaving our economy weaker.
- India is a highly populated country. Importing manually produced goods by these countries increase unemployment in our country.


- These corporations bring new technology in the country and thus bring economies of large scale.
- They bring lots of new job opportunities reducing the level of unemployment and variety of products.
- They help in maximizing resource utilization.
- MNCs invest largely in Indian economic sectors making it strong.
- The healthy competition created by them improves the performance of domestic players in the industry.

Multinational companies are blessing in disguise to any nation as they invest in the country, bring new technology which improves the economy of the country. Today whether it a multinational company or an domestic company every company wants to make high profits to sustain in the market and to become global players they exploit labours and satisfy their shareholders. But these multinational companies are providing the society with quality service and high rewards to their shareholders.
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