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.Net - What are assemblies?

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.Net - What are assemblies? Describe the types of assemblies. - June 03, 2009 at 11:00 AM by Shuchi Gauri

What are assemblies? Describe the types of assemblies.

Assembly is a compiled output of program which are used for easy deployment of an application. They are executables in the form of exe or dll. It also is a collection of resources that were used while building the application and is responsible for all the logical functioning.

Types of assemblies:

a. Private Assemblies: are accessible by a single application. They reside within the application folder and are unique by name. They can be directly used by copying and pasting them to the bin folder.

b. Shared Assemblies: are shared between multiple applications to ensure reusability. They are placed in GAC.

c. Satellite Assemblies: are the assemblies to provide the support for multiple languages based on different cultures. These are kept in different modules based on the different categories available.

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What are assemblies? Describe the types of assemblies.

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