Datagrid interview questions and answers

1. What is the purpose of using DataGrid control? - DataGrid
2.Different types of columns that exist in DataGrid
3.How can the appearance be controlled in DataGrid?
4.What is the procedure followed to add attributes in <tr> tag?
5.What’s the difference between the System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataGrid and System.Windows.Forms.DataGrid?
6.Procedure to display an editable drop-down list
7.What are the tasks that are involved after the drop-down list gets created?
8.Write a program to manually define the columns in .NETGRID?
9.Write a program to show different selection modes in data grid?
10.Write a program to do column sorting, reordering and resizing?
11.How does the binding work in DataGrid?
12.Write a program to display the use of multiple columns in DataGrid?
13.What are the ways that properties can be shown in DataGrid?
14.Write a program that adds two columns binded with the same properties and having column headings using XAML?
15.What is the purpose of External IEnumerables used in DataGrid?
16.How is it possible to edit the data in DataGrid?
17.Difference between Windows Forms and Web Forms DataGrid control
18.Write a program to control the column width, height and alignment of DataGrid
19.What are the ways in which the functionalities can be added to DataGrid control data source?
20.Why is the update strategy not preferred to be used in DataGrid control?
21. Difference between Datagrid, Datalist and repeater
22. What tag do you use to add a hyperlink column to the DataGrid?
23. ADO.NET Code showing Dataset storing multiple tables
24. Difference between dataset and datareader
25. What is Dataset object? Explain the various objects in Dataset

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