Career advisor CV sample - CV formats / templates

An effective CV of a career advisor should highlight following qualities:

1. Qualification
2. Real concern for students
3. Patience
4. Good sense of humour
5. Believes in continuous learning and growth

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  • Career advisor CV sample

    Richa Tiwari
    Contact No. +918568******
    Email ID- ****

    Career Summary

    -A supportive, friendly and analytical professional with experience in helping individuals put their talents to good use in a job position and help them in their career possesses rich

    experience of 2 years as Career Advisor.
    -Having great knowledge of assessing job opportunities and educational options to the student.
    -Experienced in providing moral support to the individual.
    -Skilled in ensuring that the student follows through with their dreams.
    -Proficient in assessing the student’s need.

    Personality Traits

    -Strong analytical and logical skills.
    -Excellent motivation skills with persuasion.
    -Excellent communication skills in verbal and written both.
    -Good listening and remarkable patience..

    Computer knowledge

    -Well versed in basic use of computer
    -Internet savvy

    Key Responsibilities handled

    -Meeting with students regarding educational and vocational matters.
    -Determines what the student’s desires are with regard to what they wish to pursue once they graduate from their current educational establishment.
    -Formulates a good plan with regard to looking at job opportunities with the student.
    -Making various items available to the student in order to help them formulate good decisions with regard to their future steps relating to education or vocation.
    -Contacting with outside individuals who may help the student out in their pursuits.
    -Maintains the report of Student satisfaction.
    -Presenting the best options possible in front of the student for his career.


    -Assist 25 clients every day.
    -Many clients are working as CEOs and various other posts by the right counseling.
    -Receive many appreciations from clients for providing him quality advice.


    -Working as Career Advisor in GHJ Counseling services from Jan 2010- Present.


    -MBA in Human Resource

    Personal Details

    -Language Known- Hindi, English, Punjabi
    -Date of Birth- DD/MM/YYYY
    -Address- TYEIEIDD