Head coach CV sample - head coach CV formats / templates

An effective CV of a head coach should highlight following qualities:

- Tough
- Mentor
- Teacher
- Organizer
- Time management expert
- Ability to handle the situations
- Good communicator
- Strives to get the best

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  • Head coach CV sample

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    Email ID: sunilxx@gmail.com

    Career Goal

    “Willing to work in a dynamic workplace as a (Game),that will enable me to use my strong coaching skills, athletic background and ability to work well with people. My aim is to put together progressive training programmes, provide coaching, supporting and teaching others valuable sporting skills which simultaneously will develop my own knowledge of coaching and interest for the game.”

    Career Summary

    -Having enriched experience of more than xx years in training, coaching, and development of students in various fields of sports activities.
    -Outstanding ability to train and deal with children as young as xx yrs.
    -Detailed knowledge of the principles and practices of modern XYZ (Name of Game) programs and teaching techniques and thorough knowledge of equipment and facilities required in a comprehensive XYZ program.
    -The ability to demonstrate and teach various XYZ strokes.
    -An ability to effectively communicate and work with children as well as adults.
    -Immense passion for XYZ game and community youth recreational programs with the ability to plan, organize, coordinate and implement a comprehensive community XYZ program.
    -Skill in dealing tactfully with the public with excellent supervisory and organizational techniques and style.
    -Remarkable ability to give advice and make recommendations.
    -Profound working knowledge of the principles and practices of office management, work organization and supervision so as to maintain order at all times and also maintain records and deliver reports.
    -Ability to recognize, analyze and react in day-to-day situations.

    Professional Experience

    -Currently working with XYZ National Academy as Head Coach, since March 20xx- Till Date.
    -Worked with XYZ Public School as Physical Education Teacher, from December 20xx- March 20xx.
    -Worked with XYZ State Academy as Team Coach, from April 20xx- February 20xx.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    -Heading a team of 3 coaches and 2 staff in the PROSHOP.
    -Prepared and administered all sessions, plan lessons for the students.
    -Assign duties to all the coaches and monitor all the sessions.
    -Keep a check on the time sheets of the coaches and allotting hours to all the coaches.
    -Responsible for planning and executing schemes to improve the business of the academy.
    -Maintain good rapport with members, non members and parents of the trainees.
    -Take private and group lessons for intermediate and advance kids.
    -Coaching Beginners, Intermediate kids and adults, Train kids in XYZ Program.
    -Take group and private lessons for advanced and intermediate kids.
    -Prepared and administered all sessions, lessons and special events.
    -Trained wide variety of players from juniors to competitive players, encouraging students to gain and develop skills, knowledge and techniques.
    -Evaluated performance and provide suitable feedback, balancing criticism with positive comments and assessing strengths and weaknesses in a student’s performance.
    -Monitored and coordinated tennis tournaments for local residential societies and associations.
    -Instructed tennis facility policies, rules and regulations.
    -Conducted fitness sessions for students making them aware and developing in them a deep knowledge and understanding of fitness, injury, and sports science.
    -Accompanied students to interstate and national tournaments.
    -Implemented activities that broaden skills and create cultural experiences and stimulate children's curiosity towards the game.

    Educational Qualification

    -Graduate BA, from XYZ University, 20xx.
    -Higher Secondary from XYZ Board, 20xx.
    -Senior Secondary from XYZ Board, 20xx.

    Professional Qualification

    -Diploma in B.P.Ed from XYZ Institute of Physical Education and sports Sciences, 20xx.


    -College Champion, XYZ University 20xx (Name of the game)
    -Inter College Champion, XYZ University 20xx-20xx
    -Inter Zone Champion – 20xx-xx.
    -XYZ. Cluster 20xx-xx (Name of the game)
    -XYZ Sports Festival 20xx.
    -Under 14 XYZ Football National -20xx.
    -Under 17 XYZ Participating 20xx.
    -Under 19 School National Open 20xx-xx.
    -7-A, XYZ Federation Cup, 20xx-xx.
    -XYZ Service Centre, for session 20xx.

    Personal Details

    -DOB: 09/12/19xx.
    -Language Known: English, Hindi
    -Address: XYZ.