Corrupt but efficient politicians are better than honest and in-efficient politicians

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Corrupt but efficient politicians are better than honest and in-efficient politicians
Rajai Sharma 01-6-2012 04:56 AM


- A corrupt but efficient politician can make a difference in the country by bringing effective policies, rules and regulations.
- Inefficient politicians can not run the country in a right way but if a person who is efficient enough even if he is a bit corrupt that can change the scenario.
- The result of inefficiency of our politicians was clearly seen in the Mumbai terror attack. If we had efficient politicians then this would never have happened.

- Corrupt politicians can never be efficient as they only think about themselves all the time.
- They forget that they were elected to work for the welfare of public and not to fulfill their own pockets.
- Corruption blind folds people as they put in all their effort in making money by wrong means. They become efficient in doing wrong things.
- A corrupt politician can never fulfill his duties even if he is efficient as he is the not honest with his job.
- If a politician is inefficient but honest then with the power of honesty he/she can uproot corruption from the system making it a beautiful place to live.
- Due to corruption India is lagging behind. Now by choosing corrupt people whether they are efficient enough to bring a change in the country we can not worsen the situation more.

Every politician represents a number of people who elect them so that they will bring good policies for the growth and welfare of general public. Thus it should be the responsibility of the politician to fulfill his promise efficiently by being honest to his profession. In today’s time we need honest politicians who are efficient to take the country in the right direction.
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Group Discussion 01-12-2012 01:23 AM

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