Social networking on Internet is a boon.

The evolution of internet has brought to us social networking as a special innovation. Now the life has become easier for people as they can get updates of their friends, relatives and closed ones with a single click on Internet.


- Social Networking is an easier way of getting in touch with your relatives, friends, and the rest of world through internet.
- Humans are social animal and the social networking on internet has given them a new way to remain connected with everyone irrespective of the time and distance.
- It saves the time as people can easily interact with people any where around the world without visiting them personally.
- If any body wants to see anybody’s details they can directly take it from social networking sites.
- These networking systems are also helpful from business point of view. As you can make new contacts on these sites.
- In recent times this means has become popular to advertise your work, product etc. as it gets circulated very fast on these sites.


- Personal lives are getting affected as they have started sharing their personal things on these sites.
- On these sites people make friends and spend long hours chatting with them whom they have never seen or met.
- Young generations are becoming more and more addicted to these sites.
- Somewhere the real social life of people is getting affected very badly as find it more comfortable and find time to chat with a stranger than finding time to meet friends or relatives.
- Recently there was a case of a social networking site where a girl attempted suicide after reading a message of her boyfriend. These types are increasing day by day.
- The security issues – physical as well as those related to computers are increasing as the teenagers do not understand the effective usage of social networking.

Social networking on Internet has its advantages as well as disadvantages. It is good means of sharing if utilized in a proper manner. But if people use it without understanding its benefits and pitfalls then it might cause problems in their lives.
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RE: Social networking on Internet is a boon. Manish kamati (04-19-2015)
The topic has given to me, The Internet is an exercise in hype. Before going to expatiate on this topic I would like to the explain the meaning of this topic to understand lucidly .
First of all, Internet is the way of communication by which we interact with people without lapsing our valuable time.
All of us familiar with the every coin has to face. Internet has also two senario , one helping us another misusing us. The Internet play a crucial role in our life especially for youth. Internet has fetish quality by which all of us propensity towards this. We couldn't imagine the life without Internet. Every time you have to need Internet in everywhere. It is ineffable for me to narrate the crucial role of Internet.
On other hand when we talk about misuses of Internet then I must confess that a large population of world has always try to infiltrate the private information. We are often seen cyber crime, spreading wrong information to public place and many more.
Specially the youth generation are inclination towards that and lastly for ephemeral pleasure all are indulge in that area.
So, I would like to say that we cannot stop the hype of Internet, we have try to barter good for us. Avarice is the root of all evils, We should not indulge in ephemeral pleasure otherwise you would got nothing.
RE: Social networking on Internet is a boon. farhan (04-19-2015)
HI EVERY ONE . the topic which is given is very interesting topic and this topic is to be discussed. if we consider any scenario, it has good and bad. we have consider the quantity. if the goodness is real and logistic then we have to encourage the scenario. internet has more good than bad. it helps people to gather information and to collect data instantly without any travel. it makes the people connected with their friends and family. if they are connected the life will be good. they can communicate easily with each during emergency.
so it is ones hand to make internet good or bad.
RE: Social networking on Internet is a boon. mounika rayaprolu (04-20-2015)
hello everyone, first of all the topic given is quite interesting. according to my view there are advantages and also disadvantages of the social network. coming to the advantages people can easily communicate with their familiar irrespective of the living distance between them.
the advertising of products can be done through free of cost. we can also convey good thoughts to others. let us take our PM Narendra Modi he is well connected with the social networking sites and expressing everything what he is doing and what he was going to do.
coming to the disadvantages people are too much addicted to these sites that they are forgetting the happiness of spending the real feelings in personal life. for instance if our friend or relative is celebrating their birthday who is residing in our town or city we are just simply wishing them through e-messages instead of wishing personally. there is also chance of getting cheat by strangers. i want to conclude that a coin has two sides. like that social networking sites has also good and bad the impact depends on individual usage.
RE: Social networking on Internet is a boon. Abhinav Raina (04-20-2015)
Social Networking has its own advantages and disadvantages. It all depends upon the purpose and the level of maturity the user has. The level of awareness has a great impact to achieve above mentioned objectives.
Social Network gives us the platform to get our voices heard. We can meet like minded people on the social networks and can have a purposeful dialogue with them. Many freelancers have used this very platform to get their skills and works being available to the world to be admired and in turn get business opportunities.
On the negative side, their has been many cases of mistrust and privacy breaches. People wasting a lot of their time on browsing over.
RE: Social networking on Internet is a boon. Himansu Rath (04-20-2015)
Hello friends , According to me social networking on internate is a the social networking sites like face book , Twitter ,linked in ,whats app ,hike used mainly for the purpose of connecting with our friends ,relatives ,teachers. They are the faster and easy way to communicate ,sharing photo ,video etc. There are other sites like Yep me ,flip cart , snap deal are used for business purpose and some other sites like India Bix ,carrierRide ,w3 resource and others sites are mainly used for education purpose. in this way the social networking sites are helpful.

Yes it is true that the teenagers ,clg students are more addicted towards the social networking sites ,they are spending a lot of time on social networking sites. is this the fault of social networking sites..? Every thing depends on us how we used this technology.All have some positive effects and negative effects. i think positive effects are more here.
RE: Social networking on Internet is a boon. Priti (04-23-2015)
hello,i think seldomly social networking boon and bane..if we want to communicate anywhere the world..can directly connect..and share nany things which are not available in papers or mgzine.but its truth that teenager became more addicted of these sites..they
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