Education industry is a business these days.

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Education industry is a business these days.
01-9-2012 01:23 AM

Today education has become an important part of everybody's life. It is must in today's environment.


- Education a business due to increase in more schools and institutes which are opened to provide education.
- The privatization of educational institutes also helped it to become from educational institutes to a business.
- The standard and quality of the education decreased due to more institutes and lack of quality teachers.
- Teachers started concentrating only on those who understand things by themselves and others are left alone.


- Institutes like IITs and IIMs are providing good education to make better future of the students.
- Due to new technologies and globalisation the growth of education industry is growing.
- Education is been given and taken more seriously nowadays due to high competition in educational area.
- Teachers and students are trying their level best to get updated all the time and both are trying to provide quality work so that the education system can produce good talent.
- Education system has developed more and more than the previous times and it is one of the leading systems in the world.
- Education is very important to grow and helps the country grow too. It allows a human being to understand and live with challenges and produce good results. But nowadays it has become a business due to globalization and privatization of institutes.

Today the education which is being provided by the institutes or universities are not of that standard which it used to be. Now a days, education industries main motif is only to earn profit.
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Education industry is a business these days.
sachin kumbhar 08-22-2013 08:42 AM

Considering India, Education is the base for becoming a superpower, but in my views Indian education system is focussing on generating “Qualified Personals” rather than “Practical Thinkers”.

One of the reasons for this is that Education has become business these days. Yes, it is true that it is not possible to educate people without financial help, but generating money from this field is not appropriate.

The no. of Institutes in this field is increasing day by day. But it is horrifying to see that these Institutes don’t aim to educate people but to increase their funds & to popularize their so called “Brand” in the market.

But there may be some institutes which are striving towards the goal of truly educating the Indians. Not only the IIT’s & IIM’s are but some other institutes also. New Technologies are been introduced to make education better & fun.


Still I think education is the key to success. The only thing it needs is to leave behind the greed & follow the path towards success. Innovation should be promoted throughout & thinking should not be limited.
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RE: Education industry is a business these days.
rr 03-2-2015 10:02 AM

education ,,,,the word is a pinch for a common man. The country known for its grukul , finest education ,, but today its just for money,,,
1.The greed of earning money , both of government n institute has increased, by opening unlimited college ,skl ,,,,,,,and the degrees are distributing by taking money,,,,
,,,,,then the pm speak about skill development , the root is poisoned
2. take big university, school ,,, like itm , amity,, bits,,,, gd gonka,, lancer,,, they are only for the money making class,,,,,,
modi ji try to improve the quality,
as THE COUNTRY IN WHICH THE STUDENT ARE DEVOTED TO STUDIES ,,,,USE THIS AS ,,,,,,,,give them at least cheap education
3 .politician are making money ,,, sending there children to other countries ,,, and making INDIAN education ,,,a black hole...

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