ASP.NET and its Methodologies


ASP.NET and its Methodologies

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Development Trends

If you have been developing for a while, like us old guys, you have gone through several iterations of development — from terminals connected to mainframes and mini-computers to personal computers and then to client-server development. Client-server development allowed for the minimization of back-end resources, network resources, and the front-end PC by sending only the necessary data between back end and front end. Intelligent client-server development allowed for building applications that were responsive to the user and made efficient use of network and backend resources. As the web development methodology took off in the late 1990s, we unfortunately returned to the terminal-style development. In this methodology, any major operation between the client and server requires that all data be sent in what is called a round trip. With a round trip, all data from the form is sent from the client to the web server. The web server processes data and then sends it back to the client. The result of a round trip is that a lot of data is sent back and forth between the client and server. Given the circumstances, these operations may result in more data transfer and CPU utilization than a web application and server can really tolerate.

ASP.NET Development

ASP.NET is a set of web development technologies produced by Microsoft that is used to build dynamic web sites, web applications, and XML-based web applications. ASP.NET is a part of the .NET framework and allows for developers to build applications in multiple languages, such as Visual Basic .NET, JScript .NET, and C#.

ASP.NET and its Methodologies 
Book Excerpt: Introduction to ASP.NET AJAX
Chapter Contents

This excerpt from Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX by Wallace B. McClure, Paul Glavich, Steve C. Orr, Craig Shoemaker, Steven A. Smith, Jim Zimmerman, is printed with
permission from Wrox Publication.

Design Methodology

ASP.NET attempts to make the web development methodology like the GUI development methodology by allowing developers to build pages made up of controls similar to a GUI. Server controls in ASP.NET function similarly to GUI controls in other environments. Buttons, text boxes, labels, and datagrids have properties that can be modified and expose events that may be processed. The ASP.NET server controls know how to display their content in an HTML page just like GUI-based user controls know how to display themselves in their GUI environment. An added benefit of ASP.NET is that the properties and methods of the web server controls are similar, and in some cases the same as the comparable controls in the Windows GUI/Windows Forms environment.
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With the development of NET technology a lot of online business have started migrating to ASP. The reason behind migration is that it allows developers to develop more reliable, scalable and secure software. By using ASP NET, programmers develop software that is easy to integrate and even supports CLR. Designed by Microsoft this scripting language allows developers to create dynamic websites. Its demand is continuously increasing in the market, and today there are more and more customers who are looking to develop eye catching and dynamic websites.

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