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1. What does GM in GM Crops stand for?

a.) General Motors
b.) Genetically Modified
c.) Globally marketed
d.) Green & Moist

ANSWER - Genetically Modified

2. “Oscar awards” given for excellent work in the field of –

a.) Literature
b.) Sports
c.) Films
d.) Social activities

ANSWER - Films

3. Which of the following is not used as a raw material for a nuclear reactor to produce nuclear power?

a.) Uranium
b.) Berylium
c.) Zirconium
d.) Sodium
e.) All the above

ANSWER - Berylium

4. The stock market index of London Stock market is called as –

a.) Footsie
b.) Bullish
c.) Dow
d.) Nasdaq

ANSWER - Footsie

5. Which of these is not the name of sensitive index of any global stock exchange?

a.) Nasdaq
b.) Footsie
c.) Nikkei
d.) Kospi
e.) Combi

ANSWER - Combi

6. What is Chinese parliament called as?

a.) Parliament of China
b.) National Congress of China
c.) National People’s Congress
d.) National Assembly

ANSWER - National People’s Congress

7. Whose signature do you see on the currency notes in India?

a.) Finance minister
b.) Finance secretary of state
c.) Governor of RBI
d.) Finance head of central government.

ANSWER - Governor of RBI

8. Which party does Barack Obama belong to?

a.) Republican
b.) Democratic
c.) National
d.) People’s

ANSWER - Democratic

9. Which of the following prime ministers of India has held the office for longest term?

a.) Indira Gandhi
b.) Rajeev Gandhi
c.) Manmohan Singh
d.) Jawahar Lal Nehru

ANSWER - Jawahar Lal Nehru

10. Who was the oldest prime minister of India to assume the office?

a.) Lal Bahadur Shastri
b.) Morarji Desai
c.) P.V. Narsimha Rao
d.) Manmohan Singh

ANSWER - Morarji Desai

11. When did the train between Mumbai and Thane run for the first time in India?

a.) April 16, 1853
b.) April 19, 1853
c.) August 15, 1853
d.) Jan 30, 1854

ANSWER - April 16, 1853

12. Which was the first railway terminus in Mumbai?

a.) Bori Bunder
b.) Masjid Bunder
c.) Victoria
b.) Bandra

ANSWER - Bori Bunder

13. Which is the world’s wettest place in terms of average annual rainfall?

a.) Cherrapunji in Meghalaya
b.) Mawsynram in Meghalaya
c.) Sinhala in Srilanka
d.) Bamenda in Cameroon

ANSWER - Mawsynram in Meghalaya

13. Where was the first automatic telephone exchange set up in India?

a.) Shimla in 1914
b.) Mumbai in 1882
c.) Kolkata 1838
d.) Ahmedabad 1953

ANSWER - Shimla in 1914

14. Between which cities was the first STD line set up in India.

a.) Delhi and Mumbai
b.) Mumbai and Kolkata
c.) Mumbai and Ahmedabad
d.) Lucknow and Kanpur

ANSWER - Lucknow and Kanpur

15. Which was the first open University to be set up in India?

a.) Andhra Pradesh Open University
b.) Indira Gandhi National Open University
c.) Calcutta Open University
d.) Manipal Open University

ANSWER - Andhra Pradesh Open University

16. The longest wall in India expands over 38.5 km. It was built by Rana Kumbha to prevent the invasion of :

a.) Mughal
b.) Mewar
c.) Greek
d.) Maurya

ANSWER - Mewar

17. What are the people of Tundra region in Canada and Greenland called as?

a.) Eskimo
b.) Finns
c.) Canas
d.) Hamits

ANSWER - Eskimo

18. What is the parliament of Greece called?

a.) Congress
b.) National Assembly
c.) Chamber of Deputies
d.) Parliament

ANSWER - Chamber of Deputies

19. “Diet” is the parliament of which country?

a.) Japan
b.) Italy
c.) Germany
d.) The Netherlands

ANSWER - Japan

20. Which of the following country refers to its Parliament as “National Assembly”?

a.) France
b.) Gabon
c.) Honduras
d.) All the above

ANSWER - All the above

21. What is the currency of Panama called as?

a.) Balboa
b.) Leu
c.) Tugrik
d.) Nuevo

ANSWER - Balboa

22. “Euro” is the currency of which of the following country?

a.) Finland
b.) France
c.) Greece
d.) Ireland
e.) All the above

ANSWER - All the above

23. What is the capital of “Paraguay”?

a.) Lima
b.) Asuncion
c.) Oslo
d.) Maputo

ANSWER - Asuncion

24. What is the currency of Poland?

a.) Zloty
b.) Euro
c.) Rouble
d.) Krone

ANSWER - Zloty

25. The parliament of Britain is called as “Parliament”. It consists of:

a.) House of Lords
b.) House of Commons
c.) Both a and b
d.) None of the above

ANSWER - Both a and b

26. What kind of governance does UAE have?

a.) Democracy
b.) Autocracy
c.) Monarchy
d.) None of the above.

ANSWER - Monarchy

27. What is the national emblem of Denmark?

a.) Beach
b.) White Lily
c.) Kangaroo
d.) Shamrock

ANSWER - Beach

28. “Golden Rod” is the national emblem of which country?

a.) U.K.
b.) USA
c.) Germany
d.) France


29. “Eagle” is the national emblem of which country?

a.) Italy
b.) Japan
c.) Spain
d.) Poland

ANSWER - Spain

30. Which of the following is not the name of a famous Hydroelectric Plant?

a.) Itaipu
b.) Grand Coulee
c.) Tucurui
d.) Shamrock

ANSWER - Shamrock

31. You are going around the famous hydroelectric plant “Churchil Falls”. Which country are you in?

a.) USA
c.) Canada
d.) Brazil

ANSWER - Canada

32. Which of the following is the correct set of capital and currency of Zambia?

a.) Lusaka, Kwacha
b.) Lusaka, Dong
c.) Vila, Vatu
d.) Kyiv, Hyrvna

ANSWER - Lusaka, Kwacha


1) What does FFC stands for?

a) Foreign Finance Corporation.
b) Film Finance Corporation.
c) Federation of Football council.
d) None of these.

ANSWER : Film Finance Corporation.

2) In which year was the first human heart transplant operation conducted.

a) 1967.
b) 1968.
c) 1958.
d) 1922.

ANSWER : 1967

3) Exposure to sunlight helps a person improve his health because:

a) The infrared light kills bacteria in the body.
b) Resistance power increases.
c) The pigment cells in the skin get simulated and produce a healthy tan.
d) The ultraviolet rays convert skin oil into vitamin D.

ANSWER : The ultraviolet rays convert skin oil into vitamin D.

4) From which country does the Golf player Vijay Singh belongs to?

a) USA.
b) Fiji.
c) India.
d) UK.


5) When did first Afghan war take place?

a) 1839.
b) 1843.
c) 1833.
d) 1848.

ANSWER : 1839

6) What is the dimension of basketball court for Olympics and World Tournaments?

a) 26m x 14m.
b) 28m x 15m.
c) 27m x 16m.
d) 28m x 16m.

ANSWER : 28m x 15m

7) When is World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day celebrated?

a) May 8.
b) May 18.
c) June 8.
d) June 18.

ANSWER : May 8

8) Which religion worship in the fire temple?

a) Taoism.
b) Judaism.
c) Zoroastrianism.
d) Shintoism.

ANSWER : Zoroastrianism

9) Where is the Film and TV institute located in India?

a) Pune.
b) Mumbai.
c) Rajkot.
d) Kerala.


10) Germany signed the Armistice Treaty on …………….and World War I ended.

a) January 19, 1918.
b) May 30, 1918.
c) November 11, 1918.
d) February 15, 1918.

ANSWER : November 11, 1918

11) The ozone layer restricts:

a) Visible light.
b) Infrared radiation.
c) X-rays and gamma rays.
d) Ultraviolet radiation.

ANSWER : Ultraviolet radiation

12) What causes the disease Filaria?

a) Bacteria.
b) Mosquito.
c) Protozoa.
d) Virus.

ANSWER : Mosquito

13) Golden Temple in Amritsar is India’s :

a) Largest Gurudwara.
b) Oldest Gurudwara.
c) Both a and b.
d) None of these.

ANSWER : Largest Gurudwara

14) What does Fathometer measures?

a) Earthquakes.
b) Rainfall.
c) Ocean depth.
d) Sound intensity.

ANSWER : Ocean depth

15) What is the role of alum in purifying drinking water?

a) For coagulation of mud particles.
b) To kill bacteria.
c) To remove salts.
d) To remove gases.

ANSWER : For coagulation of mud particles

16) India has largest deposits of …………… the World.

a) Gold.
b) Copper.
c) Mica.
d) None of these.


17) On whose name is India’s first satellite based?

a) Aryabhatta.
b) Bhaskara II.
c) Bhaskara I.
d) Albert Einstein.

ANSWER : Aryabhatta

18) When was India’s first ocean wave’s energy project launched?

a) 1981.
b) 1991.
c) 1995.
d) 2000.

ANSWER : 1991

19) Where is India’s tallest stone statue of the Jain sage Gomateswara located?

a) Mysore.
b) New Delhi.
c) Sravanabelagola.
d) Mandu.

ANSWER : Sravanabelagola

20) How many red blood cells are there in a normal human body?

a) 15 trillion.
b) 20 trillion.
c) 25 trillion.
d) 30 trillion.

ANSWER : 30 trillion

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