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1) Human nails are made up of …………

a) Keratin.
b) Cholesterol.
c) Gelatin.
d) Calcium.

ANSWER : Keratin

2) What is the scientific term for high blood pressure?

a) Heart attack.
b) Hypertension.
c) COPD.
d) Asthma.

ANSWER : Hypertension

3) What cell component is commonly used for personal identification?

a) DNA.
b) Ammonia acid.
c) RNA.
d) REM.


4) Which is the smallest bone in the body?

a) Hammer.
b) Femur.
c) Patella.
d) Stirrup.

ANSWER : Stirrup

5) What method is used to kill the bacteria in milk?

a) Pasteurization.
b) Sterilization.
c) Chlorination.
d) Immunization.

ANSWER : Pasteurization

6) Scurvy is caused due to deficiency of?

a) Vitamin D.
b) Vitamin C.
c) Potassium.
d) Calcium.

ANSWER : Vitamin C

7) Which is the largest artery in the body?

a) Aorta.
b) Pulmonary Artery.
c) Coronary Artery.
d) Renal Artery.

ANSWER : Aorta

8) About how many pints of blood are there in the Human body?

a) 28.
b) 8.
c) 18.
d) 1.


9) Which bone is located in the collar region of the human body?

a) Clavicle.
b) Frontal.
c) Hyoid.
d) Temporal.

ANSWER : Clavicle

10) What is the correct name for the nerve cell?

a) The neuron.
b) The neural link.
c) The nerve.
d) The responder.

ANSWER : The neuron

11) What part of eyes adjusts to focus more clearly?

a) Lens.
b) Retina.
c) Blind spot.
d) Lid.


12) Which organism is helpful in making the soil more fertile?

a) Roundworm.
b) Earthworm.
c) Ringworm.
d) Beetle.

ANSWER : Earthworm

13) What is the pituitary gland attached to?

a) Brain.
b) Heart.
c) Lungs.
d) Liver.

ANSWER : Brain

14) How many joints are there in the Human body?

a) 410.
b) 230.
c) 567.
d) 198.

ANSWER : 230

15) What is the average weight of Human brain?

a) 3,200 grams.
b) 1000 grams.
c) 1,400 grams.
d) 2,300 grams.

ANSWER : 1,400 grams

16) How many chromosomes are there in the human gene?

a) 36.
b) 12.
c) 46.
d) 24.


17) Where is human appendix located?

a) Middle.
b) It is somewhat random.
c) Left side.
d) Right side.

ANSWER : Right side

18) Which blood group is known as Universal recipient?

a) Group O
b) Group AB
c) Group B
d) Group A


19) Where is the tympanic membrane found?

a) Nose.
b) Eye.
c) Liver.
d) Ear.


20) Botany is the study related to:

a) Plants.
b) Bottles.
c) Insects.
d) Seeds.

ANSWER : Plants

Biology : General knowledge questions and answers

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