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1) Which of the following is a famous book of Indian Literature?

a) Meghdoot.
b) Ratnavali.
c) Mitakshara.
d) All of these.

ANSWER : All of these

2) Which among the following is Classical Dance of India?

a) Kathak.
b) Bhangara.
c) Macha.
d) Jatra.

ANSWER : Kathak

3) Bharatnatyam is a famous dance form from:

a) Uttar Pradesh.
b) Andhra Pradesh.
c) West Bengal.
d) Tamil Nadu.

ANSWER : Tamil Nadu

4) Shiv Kumar Sharma is an artist of which musical instrument?

a) Flute.
b) Santoor.
c) Violin.
d) Sitar.

ANSWER : Santoor

5) What is the height of famous Architecture Qutub Minar?

a) 80 meters.
b) 75.6 meters.
c) 72.5 meters.
d) 70.5 meters.

ANSWER : 72.5 meters

6) Who is the famous Artist of musical instrument violin?

a) N.Rajan and P.L.Pawar.
b) Anant Lal and Sharan Rani.
c) Annapurna Devi.
d) None of these.

ANSWER : N.Rajan and P.L.Pawar

7) The ratio of width of our National Flag to its length is:

a) 3:5
b) 2:3
c) 2:4
d) 3:4

ANSWER : 2:3

8) Which of the following Academies is responsible for fostering the development of dance, drama and music in India?

a) National School of Drama.
b) Sangeet Academies.
c) Sahitya Academics.
d) Lalit Kala Academics.

ANSWER : Sangeet Academies

9) The Rath Yatra at Puri is celebrated in honour of which Hindu deity?

a) Ram.
b) Jaganath.
c) Shiva.
d) Vishnu.

ANSWER : Jaganath

10) Which is the Holy book of Parsis?

a) Torah.
b) Bible.
c) Zend Avesta.
d) Gita.

ANSWER : Zend Avesta

11) Which of the following dances is a solo dance?

a) Ottan Thullal.
b) Kuchipudi.
c) Yakshagana.
d) Odissi.

ANSWER : Ottan Thullal

12) The National Anthem was first sung in which year?

a) 1911.
b) 1913.
c) 1936.
d) 1935.

ANSWER : 1911

13) Madhubani a style of folk painting is popular in which state of India?

a) Uttar Pradesh.
b) Rajasthan.
c) Madhya Pradesh.
d) Bihar.

ANSWER : Bihar

14) The last Mahakumbh of the 20th century was held at:

a) Nasik.
b) Ujjain.
c) Allahabad.
d) Haridwar.

ANSWER : Haridwar

15) In which festival are boat races a special feature?

a) Onam.
b) Rongali Bihu.
c) Navratri.
d) Pongal.


16) Kalchakra ceremony is associated with:

a) Hinduism.
b) Buddism.
c) Jainism.
d) Islam.

ANSWER : Buddism

17) The traditional art of embroidery, Chikankari work is famous at:

a) Lucknow.
b) Hyderabad.
c) Jaipur.
d) Mysore.

ANSWER : Lucknow

18) In which language is The Sangam literature written?

a) Prakrit.
b) Tamil.
c) Hindi.
d) Pali.

ANSWER : Tamil

19) Natya – Shastra the main source of India’s classical dances was written by:

a) Nara Muni.
b) Bharat Muni.
c) Abhinav Gupt.
d) Tandu Muni.

ANSWER : Bharat Muni

20) Dandia is a popular dance of:

a) Punjab.
b) Tamil Nadu.
c) Gujarat.
d) Maharashtra.

ANSWER : Gujarat

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