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1. Windows is ______________

a.) An operating environment
b.) An operating system
c.) An interface
d.) Hardware

2. ___________ is the main memory of the computer.

a.) ERAM
b.) ROM
c.) RAM

3. Which of the following is correct for operating system?

a.) OS helps other programs run
b.) OS recovers lost data
c.) OS helps in resource management
d.) None

4. .VXD represents

a.) Picture file
b.) Text file
c.) Device drivers
d.) Image file

5. Which group does PIF editor belong?

a.) Games
b.) Accessories
c.) Main
d.) None

6. Combo box in a dialog box is

a.) A combination of text box and list box
b.) A list box
c.) A combination of list box and check box
d.) None

7. RTF is _____________

a.) Rich text format
b.) Rich text fonts
c.) Real time fonts
d.) Real time files

8. Which of the following better define UNIX?

a.) Real time sharing system
b.) Batch processing operating system
c.) Time sharing operating system
d.) Memory sharing operating system

9. Choose the network for the computers that are within 100 to 300 metres :

a.) LAN
b.) WAN
c.) WWW
d.) None

10. Which of the following is sequence storage device?

a.) Magnetic tape
b.) Paper tape
c.) Magnetic disk
d.) a.) and b.)

11. An assembler is a

a.) Program
b.) Hardware
c.) Language
d.) Error

12. Who is the father of computer?

a.) Charles Babbage
b.) Bill gates
c.) Steve jobs
d.) Hollerith

13. Which of the following is used to manufacture fourth generation computer?

a.) Vacuum Tubes
b.) IC-chips
c.) Transistors
d.) Micro processors

14. Choose the result of the expression.

a.) 1
b.) 2
c.) 3
d.) 4

15. Can two methods have same name in Java?

a.) Yes
b.) No

16. A class that inherits a base class containing virtual function is called

a.) Derived
b.) Polymorphic
c.) Virtual
d.) Base

17. Which of the following is the scope resolution operator?

a.) ::
b.) ;
c.) <<
d.) >>

18. In C++, a function contained within a class is called

a.) A member function
b.) An operator
c.) A class function
d.) A method

19. Binary overloaded operators are passed by __________ arguments

a.) Two
b.) One
c.) Three
d.) Four

20. CPU stands for

a.) Central programming unit
b.) Central program unit
c.) Central processing unit
d.) None

21. ___________ is a single integrated circuit.

a.) Chip
b.) CPU
c.) Gate
d.) Motherboard

22. e-commerce is an application of _____________

a.) LAN
b.) WAN
c.) Internet
d.) Intranet

23. Virus is a ___________

a.) Software
b.) Hardware
c.) Chip
d.) Device driver

24. For what logic gate, the output is complement of the input?

a.) NOT
b.) AND
c.) OR
d.) XOR

25. __________ uses the structured programming approach.

a.) c
b.) Java
c.) Basic
d.) Visual basic

26. Which of the following has the single bus structure?

a.) Parallel systems
b.) Super computer
c.) Mainframes
d.) Mini and micro computers

27 . _________ is the heart of computer.

a.) CPU
b.) Memory
c.) I/O unit
d.) Disks

28 . Which of the following languages is frequently used to design web pages?

a.) Java
b.) C
c.) Cobol
d.) Pascal

29. Which of the following is the fastest printer?

a.) Laser
b.) Int jet
c.) Dot-matrix
d.) Plotter

30. Which of the following is a virus?

a.) Worm
b.) Trojan horse
c.) File Infector
d.) All of the above

31. A byte consists of

a.) 2 bits
b.) 4 bits
c.) 8 bits
d.) 10 bits

32. A 16 bit computer word consists of _________ bytes.

a.) 16
b.) 64
c.) 32
d.) 54

33. Memory addresses are calculated by an algorithm which is widely known as

a.) Searching
b.) Sorting
c.) Hashing
d.) None

34. A microprocessor consists of

a.) Hardware and software
b.) Memory and CPU
c.) ALU and control unit
d.) None of the above

35. Secondary memory device is

a.) ALU
b.) CPU
c.) Floppy disk
d.) Mouse

36. The computer memory which is empty is

a.) RAM
b.) ROM
c.) Floppy disk
d.) Mouse

37. A half byte is known as

a.) Bit
b.) Data
c.) Nibble
d.) None

38. An error in computer data is called ___________

a.) Bit
b.) Bug
c.) Byte
d.) Chip

39. Which of the following performs the OR, XOR & AND functions?

a.) Memory
b.) Register Unit
c.) ALU
d.) Control unit

40. Which of the following is correct for Logic Gate?

a.) Makes logical decisions
b.) Allows current only in one direction
c.) Allows current in both the direction
d.) Is based on ordinary algebra

41. Nibble contains

a.) 16 bits
b.) 8 bits
c.) 32 bits
d.) 4 bits

42. The means of storing a large amount of data outside the main memory is

a.) Accumulator
b.) Primary store
c.) Auxiliary store
d.) Secondary store

43. A binary object which can have a value of 0 or 1 is called.

a.) Byte
b.) Bit
c.) Decimal
d.) Octal

44. The smallest unit in the computer which represents information is

a.) Byte
b.) Bit
c.) Character
d.) Digit

45. The octat number 110 in hexadecimal system is written as

a.) 49
b.) 52
c.) 63
d.) 73

46. The binary number 110011 in octal system is represented as

a.) 63
b.) 36
c.) 51
d.) 45

47. The decimal equivalent of hexadecimal number A2C is

a.) 2814
b.) 2674
c.) 2604
d.) 2786

48. ____________ is currently the smallest and least costly computer.

a.) Microcomputer
b.) Supercomputer
c.) Mainframes
d.) None of the above

49. A special storage register associated with the arithmetic logic unit (ALU) is

a.) CPU
b.) Accumulator
c.) Primary store
d.) Auxiliary store

50. Minicomputer manufactured today are more powerful than ____________

a.) Mainframes
b.) Supercomputer
c.) Microcomputer
d.) None of the above


1. b
2. c
3. a
4. c
5. c
6. a
7. a
8. c
9. b
10. d
11. a
12. a
13. b
14. a
15. b
16. b
17. a
18. a
19. a
20. c
21. a
22. c
23. a
24. a
25. b
26. d
27. a
28. a
29. a
30. d
31. c
32. a
33. c
34. c
35. c
36. b
37. c
38. b
39. c
40. b
41. d
42. c
43. b
44. b
45. a
46. a
47. c
48. a
49. b
50. a

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