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1) ‘OS’ computer abbreviation usually means?

a) Order of significance.
b) Open software.
c) Operating system.
d) Optical sensor.

ANSWER : Operating system

2) When was SPICE simulator introduced?

a) 1950s.
b) 1960s.
c) 1980s.
d) 1970s.

ANSWER : 1970s

3) Which is a type of Electrically – Erasable Programmable Read – Only Memory?

a) Flash.
b) Flange.
c) Fury.
d) FRAM.

ANSWER : Flash

4) What is the purpose of choke in tube light?

a) To decrease the current.
b) To increase the current.
c) To decrease the voltage momentarily.
d) To increase the voltage momentarily.

ANSWER : To increase the voltage momentarily

5) Yahoo was developed by:

a) Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson.
b) David Filo and Jerry Yang.
c) Vint Cerf and Robert Kahn.
d) None of these.

ANSWER : David Filo and Jerry Yang

6) Which motor is not suitable for use as a DC machine?

a) Permanent magnet motor.
b) Series motor.
c) Squirrel cage motor.
d) Synchronous motor.

ANSWER : Squirrel cage motor

7) PLC stands for………

a) Programmable Lift Computer.
b) Program List Control.
c) Programmable Logic Controller.
d) Piezo Lamp Connector.

ANSWER : Programmable Logic Controller

8) Pretty Good Privacy is created by:

a) Ken Thompson.
b) Marc Andreessen.
c) Tim Berners-Lee.
d) Phil Zimmermann.

ANSWER : Phil Zimmermann

9) Who was the founder of Hotmail?

a) Shawn Fanning.
b) Ada Byron Lovelace.
c) Sabeer Bhatia.
d) Ray Tomlinson.

ANSWER : Sabeer Bhatia

10) What is the standard of broadcast of television in the United States?

a) PAL.
b) NTSC.
d) RGB.


11) What is the full form of UPS?

a) United Parcel Service.
b) Uniform Product Support.
c) Under Panelling Storage.
d) Uninterruptable Power Supply.

ANSWER : Uninterruptable Power Supply

12) Among the following in which country is the NTSC (National Television Standards Committee) used?

a) Japan.
b) France.
c) Germany.
d) England.

ANSWER : Japan

13) Which are the three types of lasers?

a) Gas, metal vapour, rock.
b) Pointer, diode, CD.
c) Diode, inverted, pointer.
d) Gas, solid state, diode.

ANSWER : Gas, solid state, diode

14) Computer abbreviation ‘DTP’ means:

a) Digital Transmission Protocol.
b) Desk Top Publishing.
c) Data Type Programming.
d) Document Type Processing.

ANSWER : Desk Top Publishing

15) What is the average power in watts used by a 20 to 25 inch home colour television?

a) 70 – 100.
b) 25 – 50.
c) 500 – 800.
d) Over 1000.

ANSWER : 70 – 100

16) Where is the headquarters of Intel located?

a) Redmond, Washington.
b) Tucson, Arizona.
c) Santa Clara, California.
d) Richmond, Virginia.

ANSWER : Santa Clara, California

17) In which year was the ‘@’ chosen for its use in e-mail address?

a) 1976.
b) 1972.
c) 1980.
d) 1984.

ANSWER : 1972

18) In which decade was the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) founded?

a) 1850s.
b) 1880s.
c) 1930s.
d) 1950s.

ANSWER : 1880s

19) ‘MOV’ extension refers usually to what kind of file?

a) Image file.
b) Audio file.
c) Animation / movie file.
d) MS office document.

ANSWER : Animation / movie file

20) The most common format for a home video recorder is VHS. VHS stands for:

a) Video Home System.
b) Very High Speed.
c) Video Horizontal Standard.
d) Voltage House Standard.

ANSWER : Video Home System

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