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1) The Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology is situated at:

a) Patna.
b) Jaipur.
c) Hyderabad.
d) New delhi.

ANSWER : Hyderabad

2) Where is Bhimbetka caves located?

a) Agra.
b) Madhya Pradesh.
c) Maharashtra.
d) West Bengal.

ANSWER : Madhya Pradesh

3) Bijapur is known for its:

a) Severe drought condition.
b) Gol Gumbaz.
c) Heavy rainfall.
d) Statue of Gomatswara.

ANSWER : Gol Gumbaz

4) The famous Konark Temple in Orissa was built by whom?

a) Rajraja.
b) King Narsimhadeva.
c) Firoz Shah Tughloq.
d) None of these.

ANSWER : King Narsimhadeva

5) Mahabodhi Temple is located at?

a) Bodh Gaya.
b) Agra.
c) Tamil Nadu.
d) New Delhi.

ANSWER : Bodh Gaya

6) In which year was the Fatehpur Sikri built?

a) 1565.
b) 1547.
c) 1569.
d) 1578.

ANSWER : 1569

7) Reserve Bank of India is headquarted at?

a) New Delhi.
b) Chennai.
c) Kolkata.
d) Mumbai.

ANSWER : Mumbai

8) The Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre is based at?

a) Hyderabad.
b) Pune.
c) Thiruvananthapuram.
d) Bangalore.

ANSWER : Thiruvananthapuram

9) Bagh a village in Gwalior is famous for:

a) Sculptures.
b) Architecture.
c) Cave Painting.
d) All of the above.

ANSWER : Cave Painting

10) Kanha National Park is in:

a) Shimoga.
b) Bellary.
c) Chhattisgarh.
d) Nainital.

ANSWER : Chhattisgarh

11) Brihadeshwara Temple is dedicated to:

a) Lord Sun.
b) Gautam Buddha.
c) Lord Shiva.
d) None of these.

ANSWER : Lord Shiva

12) Which city is known as Electronic City of India?

a) Mumbai.
b) Hyderabad.
c) Gurgaon.
d) Bangalore.

ANSWER : Bangalore

13) Central Leather Research Institute (CLRI) is based at:

a) Varanasi.
b) Chennai.
c) Hyderabad.
d) Kanpur.

ANSWER : Chennai

14) Indian Museum in India is located at:

a) Mumbai.
b) Hyderabad.
c) New delhi.
d) Kolkata.

ANSWER : Kolkata

15) Identify the state in which Chauri Chaura is located.

a) Uttar Pradesh.
b) Rajasthan.
c) Maharashtra.
d) Bihar.

ANSWER : Uttar Pradesh

16) National Chemical Laboratory is based at:

a) Mumbai.
b) Chennai.
c) Pune.
d) New delhi.


17) Where is the Forest Research Institute?

a) Bhopal.
b) Gwalior.
c) Lucknow.
d) Dehra Dun.

ANSWER : Dehra Dun

18) National Institute of Nutrition is located in which of the following places?

a) Bangalore.
b) Kerala.
c) Gandhinagar.
d) Hyderabad.

ANSWER : Hyderabad

19) Where is the famous Khajuraho sculptures located?

a) Gujarat.
b) Madhya Pradesh.
c) Orissa.
d) Maharashtra.

ANSWER : Madhya Pradesh

20) National Police Academy is located at:

a) Bangalore.
b) Hyderabad.
c) Abu Road.
d) Dehradun.

ANSWER : Hyderabad

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